Lindora Makes Major Capital Investment – Expands Body Contouring Services

IRVINE, Calif.-Lindora, one of the largest medically supervised weight loss and wellness companies in the country, announced today that it has made a major strategic investment by acquiring a new fleet of Zerona Z6 body contouring machines. The addition of those machines now makes Lindora the largest provider of Zerona Z6 body contouring services on the west coast.

Zerona Z6 body contouring technology by Erchonia is a full body fat loss treatment that uses low-level, cold laser technology to reduce excess fat around patient’s waist, hips, thighs, chest, arms, neck and ankles. Zerona is the first and only non-invasive laser FDA cleared for over-the-counter use.

Will Righeimer, Lindora’s CEO, explained that the move marks a major strategic investment on Lindora’s part and is consistent with the company’s long term plan to become the country’s absolute leader in weight loss and wellness services. “This acquisition of new Zerona Z6 machines means that we can continue to broaden our wellness service offering to our patients, giving them more tools to help them on their journey to becoming healthier and looking and feeling their best.”

Lindora will offer Zerona Z6 body contouring services in most of its 34 Southern California clinics.

Dr. Amy Lee, Lindora’s Chief Medical Officer, said that Lindora patients love Zerona body contouring for many reasons. “The first is that patients can see a real difference in their appearance in about six treatments,” said Lee. In a clinical study conducted by Zerona, patients lost an average of 6.22 total inches over the combined measurement areas when completing six sessions. “The second,” said Dr. Lee, “is that patients prefer Zerona because there is no pain, bruising, or downtime for recovery which can sometimes be the case with some other popular body sculpting services.”

Lindora has dedicated, private areas within each clinic to conduct the 45-minute treatments. “We wanted to give our patients a quiet, spa like environment where they could detach from their busy lives while receiving body contouring services. Because Zerona’s technology is non-invasive, patients can use the time to relax, refresh and reshape,” said Righeimer.

Lindora was purchased by Solis Capital Partners and Innovate Partners just a few years ago. A new leadership team was brought on shortly thereafter and has been rapidly evolving the business to meet the needs of their patients and an American population whose obesity problem is reaching epidemic proportions.

Since Righeimer and the new team took over, the company has driven seven consecutive quarters of year-over-year new patient growth; created an industry-first membership program; introduced more than 50 new on-trend products under their LindoraNutrition™ label; launched an exclusive line of fully prepared and ready-to-go, ketogenic meals called LindoraFresh™; and launched an entire line of supplements under their LindoraWellness™ brand.

Righeimer closed by saying, “Every business decision we make is made with better patient outcomes in mind. This new, cutting-edge treatment allows us to offer the latest body contouring technology and serves as a perfect complement to our weight loss and wellness programs.” – Business Wire

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