ICU Ambulance Donated to SVIMS

Supporting SVIMS initiative towards patient health and safety, Sathpal Mehra and his family from New Delhi donated a highly equipped ICU ambulance worth ₹20 lakh to the Institute on Sunday. The donation was made thorough Tirumala Vijaya Bank. It may be recalled that Sanjeev Mehra was the first donor of SVIMS and his family has been contributing necessary funds for the development of SVIMS since 1993 and has donated more than ₹1.58 crore so far. SVIMS launched the ambulance with the emergency team demonstrating the effective management of a patient with sudden cardiac arrest. Immediate bystander CPR was initiated until the arrival of ambulance, and the ambulance at the scene of emergency provided coordinated care and shifted the patient to the Casualty Room of SVIMS. The team informed SVIMS call line (2288888) about the status of the patient and required care upon arrival. The simulated patient was taken immediately to resuscitation room and attended by all specialists.

“Effective coordination between pre-hospital to hospital care is practiced during the launch of new ambulance, and we consistently strive for global best practices,” announced SVIMS Director Dr Ravikumar. Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine Dr Madhusudhan has coordinated the surprise drill. Addressing the gathering, TS Ravikumar said, “SVIMS goal is not just to transport the patient in the ambulance but to give the patient proper coordinated treatment throughout the episode. With an aim to achieve patient safety, SVIMS also initiated Community CPR program, he mentioned. More than 18,000 people in Tirupati are now CPR Ready and we aim to train the entire population of Chittoor in CPR. He stated many lives can be saved in the diamond minutes and golden hour by making the bystander as an effective resuscitator. – The Hans India

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