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IIIT-Bhagalpur signs MoU with AIIMS-Patna for digital innovation in healthcare

Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Bhagalpur, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)-Patna on Thursday for digital innovation and cooperation in health education, training and research in the medical field.

The MoU was signed at AIIMS-Patna campus between the director of AIIMS-Patna Dr Prabhat Kumar Singh and director of IIIT Arvind Choubey, for five years in the presence of senior officials of both institutions.

The signed pact will provide a joint platform for research and innovation in healthcare facilities using artificial intelligence (AI), data science and machine learning for predicting diseases through images and CT scans, said an IIIT official.

Dr Singh said, “The technical support of IIIT would help us to adopt innovative methods for detecting several diseases with the help of artificial intelligence along with research in the medical field.”

Prof Arvind Choubey, director of IIIT, said, “Our AI innovation hub will also work in line with AIIMS-Patna to offer various artificial intelligence-based healthcare inventions and courses.”

He said the primary objective of the MoU is to promote interaction and collaboration among faculty members, scientists and students of both institutions to carry out joint academic and research programmes, supervision of masters and doctoral students, as well as collaborative research projects.

“Both institutions have agreed to exchange faculty, medical professionals, scientists, and researchers, use of laboratory facilities, besides sharing of medical and experimental data to achieve common set goals. Lectures, seminars and scientific meetings will also be organised for educational training,” he added.

IIIT Bhagalpur has developed software that can be used for Covid -19 detection with help of X-Ray and CT scan digital input, claimed Choubey.

He said, “Our developed software has been validated by AIIMS Patna as per the direction of ICMR, Delhi. The developed model has proved to be authentic in detecting Covid-19 and pneumonia patients within few seconds.” Hindustan Times

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