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Increase Funds For Health Department

Lack of amenities at government-run health centres across the district is no hidden truth. Despite the fact that Bathinda is a VIP constituency, with Union Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal being its MP and Punjab Finance Minister Manpreet Badal its MLA, the quality of facilities at government hospitals remains poor. Residents of the district opine that the government lacks the will to develop infrastructure at the government hospitals that cater to the maximum population of the state and looks rather inclined towards promoting privatisation of healthcare to earn a few quick bucks. Residents also agreed that the government has washed off its hands in taking care of ordinary and even basic health services and medicines to patients visiting these health centres.

Strengthen primary health centres

Recently, efforts have been made by the Central as well as state governments in the form of additional AIIMSs, PGIs and the Ayushman Bharat Yojana to enhance the medical facilities. Online registration has also become a norm now. Availability of generic medicines has proved to be a boon. However, more needs to be done for building confidence amongst public. The VVIP’s, rather than going to expensive private hospitals abroad, should get treated at government hospitals. Panchayats, MLAs, MPs, district officials and local government officials must get more involved to imporve the quality of services at government helath institutions. Doctors must be motivated to render services at rural Primary Health Centres. Record of patients must always be maintained. Entitled private hospitals for various health schemes should stop misuing free-treatment schemes for monetary benefits. At the same time, patients or their guardians should be made aware of various applicable schemes.

Colonel Virender (Retd)

Keep regular check on govt doctorsHealth system is on the verge of collapse due to negligence of authorities concerned. Unfortunately, health and education are not on the priority list of the government. At civil hospitals or primary health centres, there is no availability of infrastructure, medicines, machines, doctors and paramedical staff. First of all, doctors should be paid attractive salaries as during the five years of study, they spend approximately 40 to 50 lakh in form of course fee. A few days back, a buffalo was moving in the verandah of Civil Hospital of Bathinda, which caused embarrasment to the hospital authorities. The entry of these animals can be blocked by putting animal trappers at each entry point of the hospital. Sufficient funds should be made available for the development of infrastructure and generic medicines should be provided which are cheaper. At Primary Health Centres, doctors do not go for days together and the work is done mostly by paramedical staff. This practice needs to be checked effectively by officials of the state Health Department. Teams of officials of the department should visit mohalla clinics in Delhi, which are in far better condition than our sick hospitals. In towns and cities, from 20 % to 25 % beds at large hospitals should be reserved for poor people and the treatment should be done at nominal rates. City-based doctors should help the poor as is being done in many cities, where each doctor provides free service once a week.

Prof Rajnish Kumar

Involve public in decision making

No one wants to visit a government hospital nowadays. Who is to be blamed for this? A majority of government-run hospitals have become referral centers for private hospitals. The government owns huge buildings in the heart of cities, a long list of staff with huge salaries and good resources and an unmatchable infrastructure, but still private hospitals perform better, why? On a daily basis, newspapers report about the situation at government hospitals with photographs, but nothing has changed. The problem lies with management and the blame game between political parties. People should understand that the government hospitals belong to tax payers. Concrete steps  should be taken ensure effecitve management and fixation of responsibility for any negligence. The rewards and demotions should be on the basis of performance. Authorities concerned should carry routine checks in the hospitals and involve the public in decision making. Doctors should not be assigned duties other than tending patients.

Dr Rajnish Kansal

Health insurance scheme for all

In order to provide better healthcare facilities to people, government should launch healthcare schemes for the needy and downtrodden. Health insurance cover should be provided to all citizens as they pay all taxes levied by the state and Central Government. This practice is already in vogue in foreign countries. To provide better health facilities at government hospitals, a spirit of healthy competition with private hospitals should be encouraged. But authorities have to make sure that sufficient medicines, proper lab test facilities and sufficient staff are available at government hospitals. For this, adequate funds must be allotted to the Health Department by the state.

Pursharth Joshi

Develop spirit of selfless service

Health authorities must arrange proper infrastructure, provide required number of medical and paramedical staff and sufficient medicines to improve the condition of government hospitals in the state. This can be done only by increasing the budget of the Health Department. Over and above all, the most important requirement is to cultivate the spirit of selfless service among those serving in the hospitals. Doctors are considered next to god and they must live upto that image. Only then the faith of masses in state hospitals wills strenghten. – The Tribune

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