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India – AI To Replace Low-Level Healthcare Roles, Indian Staffing Federation

In a recent Q & A published by the Economic Times, Rituparna Chakraborty, President, Indian Staffing Federation, spoke about the impact of AI on the country’s healthcare sector. Chakraborty said AI is poised to deliver significant improvements and transform the sector. When it comes to job roles, she says AI “will mainly replace low-level healthcare roles who don’t have direct contact with patients, or who do repetitive tasks”.  However, she adds that AI it will open up new roles in health tech, clinical trials, mobile apps, assisted consultation via smart assistants and chatbots etc. Chakraborty said overall the healthcare sector is slower to adapt to technology shifts compared to other industries due to a number of reasons including regulation, out of pocket nature of spend and an overburdened system where the focus is more on primary healthcare rather than disruptive technology interventions. As for other roles within healthcare, she says AI will complement and not directly replace roles in the sector.  SIA

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