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India coronavirus cases inching to 8 lakh-mark

With India adding nearly 25,000 cases daily to its tally, the eight-lakh mark is imminent. Two-thirds of these cases have been added in the last one month.

While it took India nearly three months to add the first one lakh cases, the last one lakh have been added in just four days. In another month, the number of infected could reach anywhere between 17-18 lakh and at that point, the country would be adding close to 50,000 cases daily.

As per a paper by researchers at MIT, if there is no medical breakthrough, including vaccinations, India will be adding 2.9 lakh cases per day by February 2021.

Although the growth rate of cases has come down, positivity rates have increased quite significantly. On July 9, India’s positivity rate—new cases upon new tests—was 9.3%, up from 7% a month back. – Financial Express

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