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India Health: Fit And Growing…

The health industry in India is expected to reach USD 372 billion by 2022, out of this the majority is contributed by the private healthcare providers in India. The rise of the private Indian healthcare industry is mainly because of the entry of not just doctors as entrepreneurs but also because of private business households into the market. This leads to setting up of hospitals which are not just patient-friendly but also economically viable. This association of doctors and private businesses helps in achieving such a balance.

Most of the private hospitals in Tier-I and Tier-II cities have a very up to date infrastructure and facilities, which are built as per the doctors and surgeons requirements, this is because the majority of these hospitals have doctors either as owners or the CEO’s of such hospitals. It makes a difference when a person with a medical background is attached and managing a hospital, he understands and runs the hospital in a way that not only the doctors but the patients will also appreciate and acknowledge it.

Many of these hospitals are also looking to establish themselves globally since the facilities and manpower are already quite well established, they know they can cater to even international patients when they come for treatment. The benefits of India in establishing itself as a medical hub are manifold. Firstly, the infrastructure and manpower that is employed in the healthcare industry providing world class services and facilities is comparable to any developed country, but the cost of these are about 50 to 75 percent less than that provided in developed countries. Second is language, most of the patients who travel abroad for medical treatment is conversant in English language, Indians have English as their official language, thus conversing with patients from different backgrounds and ethnicity becomes better. This makes lots of patient from the US and the UK to also come to India for medical treatment.

Thirdly, many of the doctors and surgeons in India have trained abroad in their respective specialties, thus many of the international doctors are familiar with Indian doctors and their hospital facilities, and this makes them recommend any international patients who may want to come to India for treatment. Lastly, the adaptability and comfort level of the Indian healthcare industry, this means the Indian healthcare industry is trying to cater to the international markets by adjusting and changing their infrastructure so that international patients can feel comfortable and relaxed while choosing to come here for treatment.

For instance many of the hospitals have interlocutors which help in conversing in the native language of the patients, this helps especially for the elderly patients who maybe do not have familiarity with the English language, secondly these hospitals have a kitchen and dieticians employed which prepare the diet and meals according to the different ethnicity and requirements. Thirdly, since the Indian healthcare services of Ayurveda and Yoga are world recognized, many of the hospitals provide these services within their hospitals to the patients or their relatives also. So the patients and their relatives get a complete package for their wellbeing. All these factors help a lot in making the patients comfortable and relaxed with the surroundings and better prepared for medical treatment.

The Indian health industry is fast growing and expanding and keeping up to pace with the trends worldwide, thus robotic surgery, navigation assisted and minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery is now being routinely done and practiced in many hospitals in India. This is further proven by many patients coming to India as these surgeries are either not offered in their countries like in Africa and the Middle East or they are very exorbitantly priced or not available to common insurance patients in the developed countries like the US and the UK. These factors also help in convincing and attracting the patients to come for medical treatments. All these factors help in making a major attraction for healthcare treatments for many specialized branches.

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