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India reduced Covid growth rate from 24.3% in pre-lockdown to 3.8% in Unlock 1.0: Govt data

India has managed to bring down the growth rate of Covid-19 cases from 24.3 per cent in pre-lockdown period to 3.8 per cent during the current ‘Unlock 1.0’, chief ministers were told during the two-day virtual meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

This came even as the daily rise in cases has remained above 10,000 for several days now and deaths too have remained above 300 per day. On Wednesday, the toll, however, crossed 2,000.

On Thursday, the country’s total Covid tally rose to 3,66,945 and 334 deaths reported in the last 24 hours.

The presentation by the health ministry during the virtual meeting analysed daily growth of cases from 18 March to 15 June to show that at the beginning of the lockdown phase 1, which came into effect on 25 March, the growth rate (five-day moving average) stood at 24.3 per cent.

By the end of the lockdown phase 1 on 14 April, it came down to 13 per cent, which was more than halved to 6.1 per cent by the end of lockdown phase 2 on 3 May.

It further came down to 5.3 per cent at the end of lockdown phase 3 on May 17. At the end of lockdown phase 4 on 31 May, the growth rate stood at 4.7 per cent and dipped further to 3.8 per cent in the next fortnight, even as the unlocking continued.

The estimates were part of the presentation by Rajesh Bhushan, Officer on Special Duty in the health ministry, during PM Modi’s video-conference meeting with chief ministers and administrators of 36 states and union territories Tuesday and Wednesday.

Soon after the presentation, PM Modi asserted that as green shoots appear in the economy, India would continue to unlock even as it ramps up the fight against Covid. – The Print