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India to establish super-specialty hospital, dialysis units in Pacific Region

Thank you very much for your views. We will definitely consider the ideas that have emerged from our discussions. We have some shared priorities and the needs of the Pacific Island countries. Our endeavour on this platform is to move forward while keeping both aspects in mind. To further enhance our cooperation within FIPIC, I would like to make some announcements:

1. To boost healthcare in the Pacific region, we have decided to establish a super-specialty cardiology hospital in Fiji. This hospital will be equipped with trained staff, modern facilities, and infrastructure, and it will serve as a lifeline for the entire region. The Indian government will bear the full cost of this mega greenfield project.

2. India will assist in setting up dialysis units in all the 14 Pacific island countries.

3. Sea ambulances will be provided to all the 14 Pacific island countries.

4. In the year 2022, we conducted a Jaipur Foot Camp in Fiji.

In this camp, prosthetic limbs were provided free of cost to more than 600 people. Friends, the recipients of this gift feel as if they have received the gift of life.

For the PIC region, we have decided to organize a Jaipur Foot camp in Papua New Guinea (PNG) this year. Starting from 2024, two such camps will be organized every year in the Pacific island countries.

5. Through the Jan Aushadhi Scheme in India, more than 1800 high-quality generic medicines are being provided to people at affordable prices. For example, the anti-diabetes medication is available at up to 90% lower cost at Jan Aushadhi Centers as compared to the market prices. Other medicines are also available at a discounted price, ranging from 60% to 90% of the market cost. I propose bringing similar Jan Aushadhi Centers to your countries.

6. Scientific studies have shown that yoga can be highly effective in preventing lifestyle diseases like diabetes. We propose establishing yoga centers in your countries to promote its benefits.

7. The Centre of Excellence for IT in PNG will be upgraded and transformed into a “Regional Information Technology and Cybersecurity Hub.”

8. A 24×7 emergency helpline will be established for the citizens of Fiji, and we would be delighted to help set up a similar facility in all the PIC countries.

9. I announce a project for the development of the SME sector in every Pacific Island country. Under this scheme, machinery and technology supplies will be provided, and capacity-building programs will be conducted to enhance capabilities.

10. The project to convert the Pacific Island Heads of State Residences to solar powered ones, was well-received by you all. We will now be converting at least one government building into solar powered building, in all the FIPIC countries.

11. To address the water scarcity issue, I pledge to provide desalination units for the people of every Pacific Island country.

12. Continuing our long-term commitment to capacity building, I announce the “Sagar Amrut Scholarship” scheme for the Pacific Island countries today. Under this program, 1000 ITEC training opportunities will be provided in the next five years.


Today, I conclude my remarks here. I have a special affinity for this Forum. It challenges boundaries and recognizes the limitless potential of human collaboration. Once again, I express my heartfelt gratitude for your presence here today.

I hope that next time we will have the opportunity to welcome you in India.
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