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India utilized lockdown period to ramp up its healthcare infrastructure, says Health Minister

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said that India utilized the lockdown period to ramp up its healthcare infrastructure. He said the lockdown also helped to keep its COVID-19 mortality rate relatively low.

“Central and state governments have put in place 3,027 dedicated COVID-19 hospitals and COVID health centers besides 7013 COVID care centers.  All dedicated health facilities together have 2.81 lakh isolation beds, 31,250 intensive care unit (ICU) beds, and 11,387 beds with oxygen support for patients. India has managed to put up a better fight against COVID-19 as compared to many other developed and developing countries”, he added.

India so far has reported over 1,12,000 cases, 45,300 recoveries and 3,435 deaths. When compared with situation globally, health ministry says, India has reported 7.9 cases per 100,000 population as compared to 62 globally. As for deaths, India has reported 0.2 deaths per 100,000 population as compared to 4.2 globally.

So far, the Centre has supplied 6.5 million personal protection equipment (PPE) coveralls and 10.1 million N-95 masks to the states. From importing most of the PPE components, India has tasked domestic manufacturers with producing them. India is producing nearly 300,000 PPE coveralls and 300,000 N-95 masks each day.

However, the analysts have questioned the effectiveness of the lockdown, which confined citizens indoors, shut factories and services not deemed to be essential, including clubs, gymnasiums, and entertainment centres. The country now ranks among the world’s top 5 nations with most active cases, the list of which is led by the US. Total number of deaths related to the novel virus in India stands at 4,167.

Globally, 5,588,356 people have been infected by coronavirus so far, and the total number of deaths from the disease now stands at 347,873, according to Worldometer.

– MB Bureau