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International Journal Ranked India High In Pediatric Critical Care

An international journal, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine ranked India first time amongst developed countries while doing randomized controlled trials on the researches the doctors have done across the globe. Previously it has been only developed countries like US that attained ranking in terms of the best researches are concerned.

In the recent issue of pediatric critical care medicine, a paper highlighting the research collaboration in pediatric critical care- randomized controlled trial (RCT) was published. In this paper they looked into the publications in said specialization from 1986-2018, wherein 415 RCTs from 377 centres in 43 countries done by 2176 researchers were included.

Based on various parameters the authors identified and ranked ten most influential countries wherein India is ranked 2nd among the published RCT, 3rd among the researchers and 9th amongst the number of times the RCTs were cited. “Significantly, when the team looked at ten most influential centres in terms of research in the world, AIIMS was at the 9th, PGIMER was ranked 10th,” said Dr Arun Bansal, department of pediatrics, PGIMER.

Dr Sunit Singhi, former head of the pediatrics department in PGI is ranked number 1, Dr Jayshree ranked 2 and Dr Arun Bansal ranked number 10 in that list. Both are presently in the pediatrics department in the PGI.

While talking on this ranking Dr Arun Bansal along with Dr Jayshree say that this is matter of pride for the institute and country. We have always been passionate about research and been doing this since last many years.-Times Of India

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