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ISHI Health secures USD 4M to transform heart failure care

ISHI Health has secured $4 million in a recent funding round led by Takeda Digital Ventures (TDV). This strategic investment will propel ISHI in expanding its product range, entering new markets, and demonstrating exceptional clinical outcomes and patient experiences.

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death and disability in the United States and worldwide, consuming 1 in every 6 healthcare dollars. The prevalence of heart failure syndrome is significant, impacting over 6 million people in the United States and 64 million globally, earning it the designation of an epidemic. Compounded by a growing and aging population, the number of heart failure patients is on the rise, further exacerbated by a static number of healthcare providers.

While many existing solutions rely on traditional remote monitoring for disease management, ISHI Health sets itself apart with its innovative, proprietary AI-driven approach. Through a collaboration with Mayo Clinic, ISHI provides precision care to heart failure and cardiometabolic patients. The virtual care program utilizes a platform that analyzes patients’ biometric data, gathered from various external and implanted cardiac sensors, across the entire cardiac risk spectrum. This allows ISHI to tailor care to each patient’s unique heart disease profile, biometric data, and symptoms.

At the core of ISHI’s strategy lies a collaborative partnership with patients’ primary cardiologist, enabling care teams to deliver quality heart failure care locally in their community. ISHI’s turnkey, bolt-on model facilitates a complimentary care model, providing swift access to top-tier heart failure specialist care. This approach underscores ISHI’s commitment to aligning with the interests of providers, value-based care entities and payors, ensuring high-quality, proactive care for patients. ISHI is currently operational with provider groups in California with more markets to be announced soon.

Dr Ajay Srivastava, an Advanced Heart Failure cardiologist and founder of ISHI Health, underscores the company’s dedication to revolutionizing cardiac care delivery with a patient-first approach: “Our journey began with a commitment to understand and address pain points in cardiac care, starting with heart failure patients. Through the integration of technology and AI, we’re able to provide patients with unprecedented convenience and proactive care, ensuring better outcomes and enhanced patient experiences.”

ISHI surpasses traditional care approaches by offering proactive recommendations customized to each patient’s needs. These recommendations may include personalized medication adjustments and empowerment strategies delivered via SMS, such as educational resources and medication reminders. A dedicated Heart Failure care team promptly intervenes if patient data indicates rising risk, collaborating closely with the primary clinical team. ISHI’s holistic approach optimizes patient outcomes by coordinating care among various healthcare team members, ensuring comprehensive support throughout the patient journey.

“At TDV, we are dedicated to identifying advanced capabilities that improve patient outcomes and experience. ISHI stands out by integrating AI, virtual and remote functionalities, offering an innovative hybrid care solution with the potential to benefit a broad spectrum of patients, extending even beyond heart failure into cardiometabolic conditions that commonly co-exist in this patient population,” said Suzie Yoon, Investor at TDV. “We are thrilled to be part of this journey, bringing our expertise in virtual-first care and valuable resources to contribute to advancing ISHI’s mission to transform cardiac care.”

With the recent funding secured, ISHI is positioned to elevate its capabilities. Over the next year, the company aims to expand its clinical operations, forge partnerships with more provider groups, and enter new markets. ISHI is committed to showcasing superior clinical outcomes and patient experiences, while also collaborating with payors on value-based care initiatives tailored for Heart Failure and the complex cardiac patient population.
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