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A comprehensive Product Portfolio and enabling Access to Diagnostic Solutions will be the key

The Transasia – ERBA Group has marked significant success in the emerging IVD markets of Asia, Africa, and Central and Eastern Europe. With enhanced focus on value-based care, we have been instrumental in offering affordable and accurate quality diagnostic services to millions in over 100 countries. Further, to extend the reach and meet local diagnostic needs, we have been engaging with the Indian government on its ambitious healthcare initiatives. We will continue to invest in the future requirements of our customers and foster innovations to successfully drive the government’s healthcare initiatives like Ayushman Bharat.

Launching new innovative IVD products

Our priority is to offer the right product mix for small to large lab chains. With a legacy of trust, service, and commitment spanning over 40 years, our research labs in India, France, UK, and USA have been developing innovative products using state-of-the-art technology to ensure timely access to quality diagnostics.

New technologies in IVD

In collaboration with our global R&D team, we are expanding our product portfolio to address upcoming demands:

  • The Group will be pooling in its latest technologies from the European subsidiaries, in hematology. The new ERBA range of hematology analyzers are set to open up avenues for early diagnosis of a host of blood-related disorders, a growing concern for the country.
  • Diabetes capital of the world – a notorious title that our country has earned in recent times! Our state-of-the-art HbA1c analyzer combines HPLC with patented CLE technology for accurate results. We intend to further increase its installation base in every remotest location.
  • In the field of urinalysis, Laura XL is our latest offering. With the integration of artificial intelligence for fast and accurate diagnosis, it is set to bring in a new wave of technological advancement.
  • On-going research and validation studies are underway to introduce indigenously developed advanced assays for the detection of infectious diseases such as TB, HIV, and other transfusion-transmitted infections. Chemiluminescence immunoassays (CLIA) is another area where we have already made R&D investments. The use of CLIA analyzers is increasing owing to their high sensitivity and accuracy. 

Customer focus

We plan to further align our customer-centric approach with the government’s efforts to ensure last mile delivery of the highest quality, affordable products. Our closely integrated network of 700+ after-sales and technical experts and 350+ distributors across Tier I – IV cities and towns, the largest in the IVD industry, forms the backbone of this strategy.

Helping labs in digital transformation

As data becomes central to a laboratory, there is an increasing dependency on software (IT) and automation. In line with this, we have added IoT to our solutions. Aptly named Transconnect, we will be stepping up our efforts in predictive maintenance by offering smart automation through remote diagnosis technology that will increase a laboratory’s efficiency. Besides this, we will be further leveraging data analytics to track the manufacturing process, allowing a more accurate and consistent output of high-quality products.

Opportunities that will drive growth

Right strategy and innovations in terms of products will drive the growth in the future. Our range of offerings, breadth of capabilities, reach, and an integrated network has propelled us to become the partner of choice for several diagnostic players. We expect these trends to continue as the industry focuses on developing breakthrough diagnostic solutions, rapidly and cost-effectively, for the one person we are all focused on, the patient. With this, we are confident in acting as an enabler for the Ayushman Bharat scheme.  After all, the world has its eyes set on the success of this historical landmark!