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Jaslok Hospital launches new Kidney Transplant Unit

The 11-bed bedded, ‘Kidney Transplant Unit’, has a centralized monitoring system dedicated to kidney transplants. The state-of-the-art unit will have dedicated nursing staff, sonography machines, and sanitized pathways from the operation theater to any mobile locations where the patient needs to be shifted. The newly launched unit has a HEPA filter with laminar flow, and caters to all classes, from economy to deluxe, and provides ample space, privacy, and a great view.

In addition, the unit provides sterile pathways with dedicated lifts from the operating room and to all departments where a patient may require imaging, ensuring complete safety and sterility.

The chief guest, Bhamini Shrinivasan, the Jaslok Hospital’s longest post – transplant patient of 41 years, inaugurated the refurbished state-of-the-art Kidney Transplant Unit, in the presence of Kanta Masand, Chairperson of Jaslok Hospital, Jitendra Haryan, CEO of Jaslok Hospital, Dr M M Bahadur, Director, Administration Nephrology Department, Dr Rushi Deshpande, Director, Academic Nephrology Department, Dr Shailesh Raina, Director, Urology Department, and other doctors from the Renal Sciences Department of Jaslok Hospital.

Jaslok Hospital prides itself on being the first hospital to perform a cadaver transplant in India in 1976, when the kidney was flown down from the USA. In 1988, they started the ABO incompatible transplant program. After this, the hospital also performed the first successful swap transplant in the country in 2006. Until 2019, the hospital also held the record for its longest surviving transplant patient, who is now crossed 41 years post-transplant. Hospital also holds the record of oldest surviving transplant patient of 98 years who had his transplant done 22 years ago.

Commenting on the launch, Jitendra Haryan, CEO of Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, said, “The dedicated transplant unit will enhance patient care with the help of efficient layouts, seamless process flow, and skilled manpower. We are dedicated to improving our clinical facility and technology to deliver the highest quality patient care.”

Dr M M Bahadur, Director, Administration Nephrology Department at Jaslok Hospital said, “There is a need to create the right infrastructure in hospitals and build experienced multidisciplinary teams that can deliver high-quality patient care. At Jaslok, we have a deep-rooted understanding of the intricacies involved in an organ transplant and why it requires such integrated teamwork and cutting-edge medical equipment. Our team here is focused on creating the best possible outcomes for our patients by providing comprehensive care at every step of a patient’s transplant journey”.

Dr Rushi Deshpande, Director, Academic Nephrology Department at Jaslok Hospital, speaking at the launch, Jaslok Hospital is the Centre of Excellence for performing ABO incompatibility and sensitized transplants. The new transplant unit is designed to give the best care facilities to kidney patients and aimed to provide them freedom from dialysis and improving their quality of life in manifold ways.

Bhamini Shrinivasan, a transplant patient at Jaslok in April 1982 is one of the longest transplant survivors in India. She along with her sister who is also the donor shared her transplant journey during this event to encourage patients going into transplant.

With the launch of Jaslok Hospital’s transplant unit, the hospital aims to enhance Mumbai’s healthcare infrastructure by providing comprehensive care to all the patients. Free Press Journal

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