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Lilavati Hospital to set up new facility in Gujarat

The Lilavati Hospital and Research Center, located in Mumbai, is administered by the Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta Medical Trust. The hospital has provided Mumbai with first-rate healthcare services since it opened in 1977, when its legacy was founded with just a few doctors. Currently, Lilavati Hospital is home to one of India’s top hospitals with cutting-edge medical technology and internationally known physicians.

An insight into the Mehta family
With the opening of Lilavati Hospital, Gujarat’s GIFT City will have its very own ground-breaking mega hospital, which will be run by members of the Mehta family in their respective positions. Kishor Mehta, Charu Mehta, Prashant Mehta, and Rajesh Mehta are the Promoter of this project.

It all began when Kirtilal Manilal Mehta informed Kishor & Charu Mehta of his ambitions to construct a hospital in honour of his late wife Lilavati Kirtilal Mehta in order to serve the people and create high-quality healthcare facilities in the nation. He wanted that his son and daughter-in-law take the Permanent Trusteeship for Life of the Lilavati Trust.

On February 7, 1907, Kirtilal Mehta, who was raised in the little hamlet of Palanpur, moved to Rangoon, Burma, to work for his family’s company. Kirtilal Mehta became a very independent and responsible adult due to the early death of his father. Mehta was an aspirational young businessman who established his own independent trader ship in Mumbai and became a very successful daimantaire. His Majesty The King of Belgium’s famous “Office of the Order” honour, which he was the first Indian to ever get, was given to him in 1991 for his achievements in business. He also received numerous other honours and distinctions for his success, including this. Kirtilal Mehta also holds numerous other honours, such as the Outstanding Exporter Award from the President of Israel and the Leading Exporter Award from the Government of India.

His life’s philosophy when the Diamond World asked as to if he could reveal the secret to his incredible success.

“Honesty” :the guiding principle
When the Diamond World asked the elder diamantaire whether he could disclose the secret of his enviable success, he smiled and replied, “It is an open one. In a single, simple word, it is honesty !”

Going into details, he disclosed that speaking the truth had been a lifelong principle with him and he was happy that he could abide by it. When Diamond World questioned him about his life’s ambition, he replied contentedly that fortunately all he desired had been granted to him and no ambition remained unfulfilled. “What next?” I asked. Prompt came the reply,

“The purpose of my remaining life is service to mankind without any consideration of caste or creed.

These are the words said by Kishor Mehta, the Permanent Trustee for life.

Setting up the hospital
Kirtilal Mehta was a man with a visionary approachand a strong will. As soon as he decided to open a hospital, he brought together the Mehta family to help him bring his dream to life. Kishor Mehta played a keyrole by involving himselfin financial and other technical matters.

Charu Mehta quotes:
“It was a challenging, yet a highly rewarding journey to get the operations of the hospital in place. I learnt by streamlining the day to day operations of the hospital and then moved onto learning under the guidance of the professionals and Kishor Mehta. I also learned about the various ailments, diseases that affects people’slivelihood and their treatments.” said Charu Mehta.

SEWA – Charu Mehta’s productive initiative
After Lilavati Hospital was operating efficiently, Charu Mehta moved quickly to introduce “SEWA.” The hospital’s productive wing, known as SEWA, attempts to help the less fortunate sections of society who are frequently denied access to basic medical care and treatments owing to a lack of resources. Service Equality For The Welfare Of All, or SEWA, is an alternative for the Hindi term sewa or seva, which means “service.”

In addition to continually assisting those in need, SEWA made a significant contribution to the advancement of eye care in Maharashtra. When eye disorders were on the rise in the city a few years ago, SEWA assisted patients in Maharashtra in finding the best therapies to lessen and ease their ills and indispositions. When the first eye bank was established by Lilavati Hospital in a private hospital in Mumbai and corneal donations were encouraged, Charu Mehta and her team at SEWA accomplished the seemingly impossible.

Present day Lilavati Hospital
Following the opening of the GIFT City hospital, Lilavati Hospital and SEWA will be able to assist over 10 million additional people in and around Gandhi Nagar (Gujarat) with their extensive research and activities. Since the Mehta family is from Gujarat, they are anxious to contribute to the community there and advance development in their native state.

Lilavati Hospital-GIFT City aims to normalise high quality treatments for the masses at affordable prices by adopting the usage of the latest equipment and techniques. Additionally, the hospital will be working closely and actively with several Non-Governmental Organisations and donors in order to facilitate continuous improvement and achieve total quality management.

At Lilavati Hospital in GIFT City, the priority on patient wellness will extend beyond the hospital’s spaces. The large area surrounding the hospital will include beautiful scenery, gardens, and open space, creating a relaxing environment that will promote and nourish the patients’ mental and physical health. Hindustan Times

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