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Living up our home, Divine love

Agappe in Greek translates to divine love and for the past 26 years we have been guided by this very concept. The name Agappe was coined by our chairman Prof MY Yohannan and he had foreseen Agappe with a deep-rooted vision to be the best partner in the diagnostics for the welfare of mankind. This vision has driven us to be where we are today, as one of the fastest growing IVD manufacturers in India with over 60,000 customers and 1000+ distributors.

Our success mantras are quality, innovation, and affordability, a combination that has put us to equip the rural and urban population alike with equal opportunities and accessibilities to healthcare. To make products that are tuned and developed to the population of India and other developing countries, a revolutionary thought that was conceived at the time when India was an import dominated market for IVD sector. This line of thought has helped us achieve many milestones. This has made us to think differently and innovatively to help us bring in products that are the need of the hour.

To simplify our products and make it accessible to all sectors alike. To sow the seeds for the indigenous development of new products. By falling in line with this thought process, we have introduced the HbA1c direct test in India at an affordable price suitable for the common labs at a time when it was only available in high-end laboratories.

Our introduction of the affordable Direct HDL and Direct LDL was another successful movement that has greatly helped in increasing the popularity of this test. We are proud to say that we are the first Indian company to introduce semi-automated nephelometry systems designed, developed, and manufactured in India, making specific protein analysis affordable to the masses.

The Mispa-i series of nephelometry systems changed specific protein testing not only in India, but global perspective too. The 3-part hematology analyzer, Mispa CountX, which is indigenously designed and developed is the first analyzer from India. This carried out protein analysis with a sense of accuracy, quality, repeatability, and affordability. Mispa i-series smart card system comes with pre-calibration data and inherent open vial stability restriction in the smart card to avoid any misuse or overuse.

The onset of COVID-19 was an eye-opener and pushed us to find an affordable and quicker solution for mass screening for confirmatory tests. Agappe entered the molecular diagnostics with our offering of the RNA extraction kit, Agappe Chitra Magna (developed under the know how from SCTIMST) in the month of May 2020 and the RT-LAMP based assay, Mispa LUME and Mispa LUMESCREEN nCoV for COVID-19 detection in the month of November 2020. This assay had the capability to carry-out confirmatory tests in one hour when similar testing process take about 6-7 hours.

Agappe was the first company to be validated by ICMR for the RT-LAMP based COVID-19 tests. The strive to achieve self-sustainability has helped us plan for infrastructure capable of catering to a global market with focus on developing countries. This has made us capable to support with the vast, huge and sudden demand for the prognosis kits in the domestic and international markets and since the onset of COVID-19, we have provided for more than 30 million tests of COVID prognosis kits of CRP, D-Dimer, and Ferritin under a span of 12 months.

All our products emphasized our strategy to focus indigenous development of products. We had put forth an aggressive strategy with committed expenditure of over 6 percent of our total revenues in R&D. Over the next few years, our focus is to bring in 90 percent of indigenous products in our product portfolio, a change that will help us to be resilient and independent.

Agappe plans to focus on molecular diagnostics, hematology, immunochemistry, and clinical chemistry for the coming years by bringing in more products that are tailor made for India and other developing countries. With this strategy, we plan to expand to other regions and look for solutions for better productivity and reach globally.

This array of products has helped us to equip the rural and urban areas alike to improve accessibility to health care. With time, we believe that our strategies should not change from our vision to drive us further, plan our operations in line with this vision to become one of the renowned IVD manufacturers globally!

We would clearly stick on to our mission, vision, and core values which will drive us in our route to be more and more humane, epitomizing the true meaning of Agappe, the divine love.