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Madhya Pradesh revokes licenses of 5 private hospitals in Jabalpur

In a recent development, the Health Department of Madhya Pradesh has revoked the licenses of five private hospitals in Jabalpur, continuing its crackdown on non-compliant medical facilities. This action comes on the heels of similar measures taken in 2023, where registrations of 12 hospitals were cancelled for various violations, primarily the absence of fire safety certificates.

Under Section 6 (2) of the Madhya Pradesh Nursing Home and Nursing Care Establishment Act 1973 and Rules 1997, the Chief Medical and Health Officer of Jabalpur has swiftly ordered the cancellation of registration licenses for the affected hospitals.

Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Sanjay Mishra emphasized that none of the hospitals possessed fire safety certificates, rendering their operations illegal. Additionally, none had initiated the process for license renewal, further complicating their status.

Following the cancellation, the CMHO has directed the hospitals to cease admitting new patients immediately. Existing patients are to be provided with adequate treatment until discharge, after which the facilities must inform the authorities of their status. Dr. Sanjay Mishra highlighted the standard three-year license period for hospitals, stressing the importance of timely renewal to maintain operational compliance.

This recent enforcement echoes actions taken in 2023 when licenses of 12 private hospitals were rescinded for similar violations. Notably, the lack of fire safety certificates prompted action against four hospitals, while eight others faced consequences for failing to renew licenses.

The urgency of fire safety measures gained prominence after a tragic incident in August 2022, where eight fatalities occurred in a fire at New Life Multispeciality Hospital in Jabalpur. A subsequent investigation revealed severe lapses in fire safety protocols, underscoring the critical need for regulatory vigilance.

The incident in Jabalpur was not an isolated case, as a similar fire incident at Kamla Nehru Gas Relief Hospital in Bhopal claimed the lives of ten children due to a pediatric ventilator catching fire.

These incidents serve as sobering reminders of the essentiality of stringent safety measures in healthcare facilities, prompting authorities to reinforce compliance standards and ensure the safety of patients and staff alike. The Mooknayak

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