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MAGLUMI SERIES from Immunoshop

CLIA technology has significant importance in healthcare and clinical laboratory testing.

From the vendor’s portfolio, the Maglumi CLIA analyser series viz. Maglumi 800, Maglumi X3, Maglumi X8 offer an extensive test menu, covering a wide range of medical conditions and parameters from infectious diseases and cardiac markers to hormones and tumor markers, and many more. Maglumi analysers meet regulatory standards and certifications, ensuring compliance with quality control and performance requirements. This is crucial for laboratories to maintain accreditation and adhere to regulatory guidelines. Maglumi analysers typically offer data management capabilities, including the ability to store and retrieve patient results, generate reports, and integrate with LIS. This facilitates seamless data transfer and efficient laboratory workflow. Maglumi provides comprehensive testing capabilities, allowing you to address various patient needs under one platform.

These advantages make the Maglumi analyser a valuable asset in the laboratory, providing accurate diagnostic testing capabilities across a wide range of parameter testing.

The Maglumi series is designed to meet the demands of small-scale to large-scale testing laboratories combining extraordinary performance with versatility. Maglumi 800 has 9 reagents and 40 sample positions with a throughput of 180 tests per hour. Maglumi X3 has 20 reagents & 72 sample positions with a throughput of 200 tests per hour. Maglumi X8 is with the highest throughput up to 600 tests per hour at its maximum of 42 reagent positions & 300 sample positions. While ensuring the super high throughput, its optimized performance brings the most extreme testing experience. Maglumi series offers a comprehensive menu of assays to cover diverse diagnostic needs with unmatched productivity and accuracy without sacrificing quality.

Maglumi X series has a single reaction cup that can avoid light pollution and increase cuvette utilization. Single reaction cup has five-sided heating at 37°C ensuring accurate, quick, and uniform incubation. It also has exclusive intelligent washing technology.

Some of the features of Maglumi series:

  • All Maglumi reagents are compatible for all Maglumi models;
  • Convenient pack size of 50 tests & 100 tests;
  • 2 level calibrator & control is part of kit and need not to be purchased extra. Free calibrators & controls help to reduce the cost per test;
  • Quality guaranteed by the third party QC and external quality assessment (EQA);
  • High-reliability RFID label stores information;
  • RFID tag with built-in 10-point master curve with 2-point re-calibration;
  • Auto dilution feature available;
  • Random access, batch mode & STAT mode;
  • Continuous loading of reagents & samples is possible;
  • Titanium needle with crashproof function, liquid and clot detection;
  • Teflon coating on sample needle to avoid carryover and proper washing;
  • Onboard cooling facility for sample & reagent increases stability;
  • Based on ABEI label CLIA & intelligent magnetic microbead separation technology;
  • High sensitivity & low noise photomultiplier tube;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Smart maintenance with step-by-step guide ensuring performance; and
  • Bidirectional LIS connection.

With an extensive clientele comprising prestigious laboratories and healthcare facilities, Immunoshop has established their company as the go-to service provider for the Maglumi series. Satisfied customers testify to its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, reliability, and technical expertise.

Immunoshop is committed to providing exceptional support. Its team of experts offers training during the installation to familiarize the staff with the analyser’s operation and maintenance. They also provide ongoing technical support, ensuring that any questions or concerns are promptly addressed.

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