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Mass Exodus: 27 Doctors From Care Join Aig

 In a massive exodus, a team of 27 doctors led by one of Hyderabad’s top cardiologist Dr B Soma Raju have quit Care Hospitals to join Asian Institute of Gastroenterology (AIG) in the city. The shift, doctors said, took place about two weeks ago attributing it to AIG’s efforts at branching out into other specialties. The institute has been primarily known as a gastroenterology hospital until now.
“Dr Soma Raju along with his team has joined the existing cardiology team led by Dr R Prasad Reddy at AIG. With this development, we would be able to provide holistic and affordable cardiac care to our patients thanks to the rich expertise and medical knowledge of this accomplished team,” said Dr D Nageshwar Reddy, chairman, AIG Hospitals, adding that apart from being a clinician Dr Soma Raju has an unwavering commitment to academics and research.

“We will utilise his experience and knowledge to undertake cutting-edge research to develop newer technologies in our crusade against heart disease. AIG Hospitals supports this talented team with state-of-the-art cardiac facilities,” he added.

Differences led to the move: Dr Raju

Other members of the team include Dr C Narasimhan, Dr D N Kumar, Dr Raghava Raju and Dr Anuj Kapadiya. “The entire cardiology department at AIG has been outsourced to us and will be managed by us from here on. Doctors apart, a large group of support staff too have shifted out of Care,” said one of the doctors from the team.

Speaking about the development, Dr Raajiv Singhal, group CEO of Care Hospitals, said that only 30% of the core cardiology team had jumped ship. The remaining 70% has stayed back at Care, he added. Collectively, the entire team of specialist doctors, junior doctors and support staff at Care comprise 300 people.

“In the last 10 days, we have had four cardiologists join us while four more are scheduled to join over the next two weeks. In fact, we are getting calls from cardiologists across the city who did not want to work with Dr Soma Raju but are now keen on joining us. The business and the revenue hasn’t been impacted and not a single appointment has been cancelled since his exit,” Dr Singhal said.

Dr Soma Raju, however, claimed it was professional differences that led to the move. “The investors model of medicine has a different philosophy and some of us professionals have our own philosophies on how to practice. We had some differences and decided to part without any bitterness. We also felt that in some areas of medicine in the last 30 to 40 years we have succeeded but in some other we failed and in that path we thought we should look for the right type of partners. I feel professionalism, art and science of medicine, patient care, medical research are areas in which we can succeed in but couldn’t do earlier,” he said.-Times Of India

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