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Letter To the Editor: Medical Scandal in West Bengal Medical Council?

West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC) has awarded DM degree on its own to a doctor who does not have any DM degree. DM is a post doctoral degree which is the highest degree in medicine which is awarded by Indian medical universities to doctors after up to 6 years of studying & hard work.

WBMC has replied to an RTI application filed by Dr SK Thakur that “DM (Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine) has been awarded to Dr R Suresh….”. Dr R Suresh (full name Suresh Ramasubban) just has an MBBS degree along with some certification from USA but his registration (no. 72078) on WBMC’s website states his additional qualification as DM (Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine) American Board of Internal Medicine & MD (Internal Medicine) American Board of Internal Medicine. For other doctors registered with WBMC who have same certification from USA, no such DM or MD degree reflects and their actual USA certificate name appears as their qualification.

Another RTI application was filed by Dr SK Thakur with Medical Council of India (MCI), New Delhi asking if WBMC has the liberty to do this but MCI replied that such information is not available with them and that it must be sought from WBMC. Surprisingly, on searching Dr Suresh Ramasubban’s registration number 72078 in Indian Medical Register, it is not showing any result though it was reflecting previously before these RTI applications were filed. But WBMC’s website still shows the same records of Dr Suresh Ramasubban that he has DM & MD degrees. The same doctor has another registration (no. 16275) directly with MCI which shows his actual qualification.

Dr Kunal Saha, President of People for Better Treatment, was apprised and he said “Why the ordinary people and future victims of medical negligence are duped by the state medical council?”

The big question is who is the gaining party? Is it a medical scandal in WBMC?.

The author is Dr. SK Thakur and Ashwani Diwan. -MB Bureau

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