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MedTech 2021


Product listing of various models available in the Indian market, with detailed features, by brand




Allengers Blaze Able to fragment /dusting of any composition, any size and any type of kidney stone; Better dusting and fragmentation using long and short pulse respectively
MAM-VENUS/MAM-VENUS+ Mammography (analog) 3.5 KW/5KW; Anatomical Programming Radiography (APR); Fully motorized Isocentric 5KW Model
MAM VENUS/MAM-VENUS+ Full field digital mammography 3.5 KW / 5 KW; Upgradable to 3D Tomosynthesis (model specific)
Alldent HF Digital Ortho Pantomo Graph (OPG) (Digital) 850 W (10 mA)
HF 59R C-arm with Dynamic Flat Panel Detector (FPD) 15 KW; Dynamic Flat Panel Detector (FPD) available in 21 cm x 21 cm and 30 cm x 30 cm size (as per user intended applications)
Gemini Tread mill test; Dual working of acquisition box – stress ECG and resting ECG
Virgo SL Polysomnograph; Automatic detection of apneas and hypopneas; Option to convert the data in PDF or media player format for presentation
Scorpio Electromyograph; Work on all Microsoft windows platform; Export the data to MATLAB / LAB view
Clarity Hospital information system; Centralized management of clinical, administrative & financial aspects of a healthcare organization; Optimized decision making via real time analytics; Stunning, user friendly & intuitive design
Allen PACS MIS statistics for top management; Viewable on all PCs / Workstations / Tablets (All OS) (LAN & internet); Optimum image quality & speed
Radiology Information System Complete management of a radiology setup; Automated patient data entry in
modality worklist (MWL); Complete integration with PACS
Laboratory Information System Complete management of pathology setup; Automated data entry & retrieval from lab analyzers (LISCOM); Auto notifications of test results to clients via SMS
Neuroplot Electroencephalograph; Power spectra and coherence;Irregular heart Beat analysis software; Features like Amplitude Integrated EEG (AEEG), CSA/DSA
Arjohuntleigh Virgo SL 32/40 channel PSG
Scorpio 2/4 channel electromyograph capable to perform EMG/EP/NCS studies
NTF solutions NTF solution is a revolution in the radiology printing market; the film can be used for clinical medical information; It is quite useful for printing of DICOM images of DR, CT Scan, MRI, CR, etc
Clarity Medical EMG Octopus It is an EMG/NCS/EP system capable of conducting 17 distinct diagnostic tests including nerve conduction, electromyography, evoked potential and autonomic nervous system tests. Offers high-fidelity noise free output. Available in 2, 4 and 8-channel variants.
EasyTrace The latest offering in the electromyography segment. It is a highly miniaturized 2-channel EMG/NCS/EP device designed to be used with a laptop. Derives all its power from the laptop’s USB port, eliminating the need for a power outlet, making it a highly portable yet powerful machine. It is capable of conducting up to 17 distinct diagnostic tests including nerve conduction, electromyography, evoked potential and autonomic nervous system tests, and offers high-fidelity noise free output.
Crystalvue Medical Corporation Automated portable retinal camera: Crystalvue NFC-600 Portability; non-mydriatic; DICOM-enabled; internal montage; high resolution (12M pixels); Fully automatic 3D tracking & image capturing; optional laptop/PC; Easy to integrate with PACS system
Diva Labs Radiology Use Medical Display: OptikView 2MP Color 21.3-inch UXGA Brightness stabilize features, self-calibration, auto gamma and meet international medical image standards such as DICOM Part 14, AAPM-TG18 and DIN 6868-157
Radiology Use Medical Display: OptikView 3MP Color 21.3-inch QXGA Brightness stabilize features, self-calibration, auto gamma and meet international medical image standards such as DICOM Part 14, AAPM-TG18 and DIN 6868-157
Radiology Use Medical Display: OptikView 5MP Mono 21.3-inch QSXGA Brightness stabilize features, self-calibration, auto gamma and meet international medical image standards such as DICOM Part 14, AAPM-TG18 and DIN 6868-157
Radiology use medical display: OptikView 6MP Color 21.3-inch WQSXGA Brightness stabilize features, self-calibration, auto gamma and meet international medical image standards such as DICOM Part 14, AAPM-TG18 and DIN 6868-157
EPED Inc. Stereotactic surgery navigation system: Retina Safety, accuracy, minimally invasive. User friendly and cost effective. The retina is like Google Maps for neurosurgery, ENT surgeries, craniofacial and oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures
Insight Medical Solutions Inc InsightEyes EGD system The InsightEyes EGD system realizes anesthesia-free, painless, disposable and cross infection-free upper gastrointestinal endoscopy with an easy examination process and high patient acceptance. The fear of traditional endoscopic examinations, medical risks of anesthesia and postoperative complications can be avoided
Nasan Medical ST Win PC-based stress test; available in different models such as basic, standard, deluxe, dedica; capable of offering a rock steady baseline at heart rate more than 180; enable accurate computation of ST levels; offer clean ECG without muscle tremor or 50 cycle noise
Nidek Medical Medikro Primo PC-based spirometer. Smallest device with 3 year warranty
Nihon Kohden Neurofax µ: EEG-9100K Laptop based digital EEG machine; Ideal for portable/ICU/ER use; In-built EtCo2 & SpO2 for ICU usage; 32-ch amplifier for full 10-20 montage
Neurofax: EEG-1200K Desktop based EEG system; 32/64/128/192/256-channel; Ideal Lab/EMU/ICU use; In-built EtCo2 & SpO2 for EMU usage; Easy analysis with trending & mapping; DC shift analysis & Wide band analysis for precise EMU reporting
aireeg: WEE-1200K Complete wireless EEG system; 32 & 64-channel system; Ideal for Pead usage with full mobility; Integrated SpO2; Ready for PSG & EMU usage
Neuropack S 3:
Low noise & high sensitivity amplifier configurable system composition; Improved user friendly control panel; QEMG analysis with MUP analysis; Color-based MUP classification
Neuropack X 1:
6/12-channel EMG/NCV/EP system; Low noise & high sensitivity amplifier; Fully loaded system for research need
51-channel PSG system; Internal pressure transducer; Dedicated EKG reference; Internal SpO2; Integrated EtCO2 module; Inbuilt port for body position; Auto sleep analysis with manual override
Neurofax: EEG-1250 ICU EEG monitoring system; aEEG, BSR, DSA, FFT; Ideal for NICU and CICU; Numeric display for easy visualization
Neuromaster: MEE-2000 Neural function measuring system; 16- or 32-channel system; Multi-modality system; Multiple user support; TcMEP montage box
EEG Headset: AE-120A Wireless EEG headgear; Ideal for ICU or ER monitoring; Quick connection for EEG recording
North-vision Tech. Inc Deluxe-100 AI-enabled- multi-parameter patient monitoring system: Can provide vital sign of ECG, SpO2, and NIBP. Not only ECG signal, but from AI calculation, we can provide the HRV function including the sympathetic and para-sympathetic info. Can prevent cardiovascular diseases like myocardial infarction
Onyx Healthcare Inc DSC-300P series & MD-116 Digital hand-health/ mobile usage/ switchable lenses for diversity application
Philips Healthcare MR200 MR patient monitors – 1500 Gauss advance MR monitor
MR400 MR patient monitors – 5000 Gauss MR monitor with AGM
IntelliVue MX40 Telemetry patient monitors for rehabilitation and patient mobility, this works on customer Wi-Fi network
Avalon FM 20/30 series Fetal monitors & CTG machines with cableless monitoring and beltless monitoring for expected moms with patch
SCHILLER Healthcare ROSA Brain Robotic surgical assistance for neurosurgery; Can be used in any cranial procedure combining: preoperative surgical planning, precise positioning, and dexterous instrument manipulation
medilog AR Medilog AR holter is robust, shock- and splash-proof as well as easy to clean; Dual-battery concept, the patients can be screened for more than 14 days; Zero-second atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter detection based on true P-wave analysis
Darwin 2 software for holters DARWIN2 is designed to maximise speed and ease of use. The automatic analysis of a 24-hour holter recording takes less than 90 seconds, with extremely accurate results
SpiroScout Modern calibration free ultrasound-hardware and latest Windowsbased programming techniques enable SpiroScout to fulfill requirements which are needed to be a user friendly spirometry solution. Accomplishes requirements by: Real time exhaled gas determination, Real time ATP – BTPS calculation, Calibration free ultrasound-flow-sensor
PowerCube Diffusion Plus Life long mordern calibration free ultrasound-hardware and latest Windowsbased programming techniques supplies information regarding lung volumes and diffusion capacity of lung along with many other respiratory mechanics like MIP-MEP, N2 washout, provocation, Rhinomanometry, ROCC, Capnovolumetry, Compliance tests
PowerCube Body Plus Life long mordern calibration free ultrasound sensor in the Bodyplethysmography application. TGV measuremt application alongwith diffusion capacity of lung along with many other respiratory mechanics like MIP-MEP, N2 washout, provocation, Rhinomanometry, ROCC, Capnovolumetry, Compliance tests
CS104 with SpiroScout SP Plus Spiroscout SP Plus with CARDIOVIT CS-104 combines all essential Spirometry features and desired possibilities in an integrated system. Spiroscout SP Plus is a PC-based Spirometry, based on the ultrasound technology which doesn’t require any volume calibration
Spandan Spiro PC-based pulmonary function testing. FVC, SVC, MVV and MV can be performed.
CARDIOVIT CS 200 Excellence ErgoSpiro Integrated 12-lead exercise ECG with full disclosure analysis program with measurement and interpretation, Duke Treadmill Score, True breath-by-breath analysis of ErgoSpiro Test, Real time acquisition and capturing of dynamic flow volume for end expiratory volume loops (EEVL) evaluation of ventilatory limitation
CARDIOVIT CS-200 Office ErgoSpiro Breath-by-breath gas exchange analysis (VE, VO2, VCO2) with unique maintenance-free ultrasonic cell for CO2 measurement; easy, quick and fully assisted calibration for highly accurate measurements; charts and data display through standard or user-defined 9 panel; Fully integrated 12-lead exercise ECG with wireless acquisition improves patient comfort
Tremoflo C-100 Compact & portable device for use with laptop, tablet or PC; Fast and easy measurements as patient requires to breathe quietly; Patented oscillator technology breath through vibrating mesh
Works on forced oscillometry technique AOS technology
Vivatmo Pro Vivatmo pro measure the fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) in human breath.The test is quick, painless and reliable and the measured value provides an indication as to the inflammatory activity such as asthma.
Pulse Oximeter-Oxywave Desktop pulse oximeter with smart pitch tone variation with saturation level, precise Nellcore technology, 24 hours trend
Argus oxm plus Table top/ handheld , 2.4-inch OLED display, gravity sensor, visual & audible alarms, 48 hours trend data , SpO2 % PR & plethesmogram waveform , Nellcore optional
Easy Pulse Device used to perform mechanical, multidirectional chest compressions on patients suffering from acute cardiac arrest; Portable, battery-powered device that delivers high quality chest compressions automatically at consistent rate and depth as recommended by AHA
Diagnostic station DS-20 Designed to collect patient’s vital information; Measures diagnostic quality 12-lead ECG, pulmonary function (spirometry), non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) with option of PWA (Pulse Wave Analysis), oxygen saturation level of arterial haemoglobin (SpO2), carboxyhaemoglobin saturation(SpCO), respiration, temperature, and weight
Sana Sprint Plus Cardiac rehabilitation and exercise system; Sana Sprint Plus is easy to use and incorporates multiple training programs, for rehabilitation of the patient’s physical fitness.Up to 16 Ergometer/Treadmills can be controlled using this application
Skanray Technologies Surgiskan100 Electro surgical equipment: Microprocessor controlled. Smart feedback system. Monopolar & bipolar modes. Soft, desiccate & fulgurate coagulation. Bipolar coagulation with auto start. Automatic power regulation
Surgiskan200 Electro surgical equipment: Microprocessor controlled. Smart feedback system. Pre-defined programs. Monopolar & bipolar modes. Soft, swift, force & spray coagulation. Dual output for monopolar coagulation.
Stryker India SmartPump Tourniquet system Large LED screen display: displays and stores reliable and real-time data; interfaces with printer and external CIS devices
System 8 Deliver more of the long-lasting reliability trust; Built for OR; Built for sterile processing department; And built to benefit bottom line; In other words, built for the whole hospital; So put each power tool through its paces
Trivitron Healthcare Elite/Infinity motorized digital C-arm 21 x 21 flat panel detector that enables better acquistion, Smart touch-based user Interface and handy tab selection menu, easy touch buttons for motorized movements, uncompromised image quality with edge-to-edge visibility. Wide intraoperative imaging applications in orthopaedic, trauma surgery, urology, pain management, gastro, neruo, pmr, interventional radiology and peripheral vascular surgery
Elite/Infinity C-arm with flat panel Technology Flat panel detector that enables better acquisition with 16 bit image processing; World-class 5kW (Elite) & 3.5kW (Infinity) x-ray generator with ABS for optimized dose; Wide intraoperative imaging applications in orthopaedic, trauma surgery, urology, pain management, gastro, neruo, pmr, interventional radiology and peripheral vascular surgery; DSA – Digital Subtraction Angiography is used in vascular diagnostics
Kiran surgical C-arm System (Infinity and Elite) Infinity version with stationary anode and Elite version with rotating anode; Available with pulse, low dose, boost and single shot fluoroscopy; Compact design; 270⁰C-arm rotation on both sides, 125⁰orbital movement; High resolution image capture with digital zoom, real time image capture and USB memory stick support; AERB and BIS approved
ECVent HFO Advanced humidity control with minimum condensation; Proprietary anti-cross infection design without extra work on disinfection; Proprietary algorithm, monitoring nasal pressure and breath rate; Comply with higher safety standard for home use
iVac 60 Housing: Powder coated anti corrosive MS; Jars: Polycarbonate 2 x 2.5 liters capacity; Overflow protection: Mechanical type; Tubing: Non-collapsible suction tubing
iVac 40 Housing: Complete ABS (Plastic); Jars: Polycarbonate 2 x 2.0 liters capacity; Overflow protection: Mechanical type; Tubing: Non – collapsible suction tubing
Anatomage virtual dissection table Technologically advanced anatomy visualization system for anatomy education, the table contains both life-sized male and female gross anatomy. Including multiple full-body cadavers ensures that students are exposed to anatomical variations
TMT ST-win and arrhythmia detection; beat to beat data review; manual selection of enlarged median
Holter 10, 20, 30, 60 minutes disclosure; auto/manual mode; Longest SCV tach, longest ST episode, max delta ST; multiple trends
Kiran radiation protection apparels Available in wide range of models and designs i.e. double sided, coat, surgical, skirt and vest, panoramic, dental aprons; thyroid/ovarian/gonad shields; each apparel is available in three core materials; leadlite, ultralite, zerolead; each apparel comes with a lead equivalence of 0.5, 0.35, and 0.25 mm
Kiran’s radiation protective shields Available in wide range of protective shield: Thyroid Shield – Harmony, Elegant, Classic, Slimline, Ultra-Slimline; Head Shield, Ovarian Shield, and Gonad Shield
Kiran radiation protective accessories Arm guard; leg guard; patient apron; CT shield; radshield; mobile storage systems and wall-mounted racks for aprons and shields; curtains; available in four core materials-leadlite, ultralite, zerolead, and zerolead air
Kiran radiation protection gloves Leaded gloves (duo and mittens) for active beam field; made of soft, pliable material, comfortable, non-sterile; lead-free, powder-free, disposable high-grip gloves for surgical procedures; available in different variants i.e. max, thin, ultra-thin, cath lab pro, latex-free
Kiran radiation protection eyewear European Lead glass with 0.75 mmPb lead equivalence absorbing 99% of radiation. Available in different variants i.e. Front, Front & Side, Fitover, Max 10, Aviators, Max 30
Kiran anti-scatter grids Complete range of anti-scatter grids i.e. standard, digital, bucky, and circular grids; excellent quality with superior K-factor and a low B-factor
Kiran cassettes and screens Cassettes with perfect film-screen contact, nitrogen-imploded open cell PU foam system, perfectly curved back door profile and textured surface, made of aviation grade aluminum; screens are durable with outstanding contrast, detail perception and reduction in x-ray dosage with a low mAs


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