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In Vitro Diagnostics 2022


Agappe Diagnostics
Nephelometry: Mispa i2
Semi-automated; Rate based nephelometry and immuno-turbidimetry technology; UCS technology; high linearity & sensitivity; prozone detection; Result accuracy & precision.

Nephelometry: Mispa i3
Automated; Rate based nephelometry and immuno-turbidimetry technology; UCS technology; high linearity & sensitivity; prozone detection; result accuracy & precision.

Pre- Analytical: Mispa Label
Intelligent mechanical shift technology; Smart and innovative solution for simplified pre-analytics; ease of use, minimal human error, connectivity & best turnaround time.

Pre- Analytical: Mispa View
Non-ionizing infrared light-based detection; 6X optical zoom; portable with battery back-up; easy operation.

POC: Mispa Revo Plus
Time-resolved fluorescence immunoassay (TRFIA) analyzer; with better sensitivity and specificity; compact ,portable & easy operation; with battery back-up.

POC: Mispa HbX
Advanced spectrophotometry with scattered compensation technology; high accuracy; quality results; least turn around time; low maintenance.

Beckman Coulter

Automation systems: AutoMate 2500
Advance laboratory efficiency with the AutoMate family of automated sample processing systems to streamline pre- and post-analytical processes.

Automation systems: DxA 5000 Fit
Workflow automation system comprising of an integrated input/output module which can be combined with centrifugation along with clinical chemistry, immunoassay and hematology instruments.

Automation systems: DxA 500
Build a high-performance laboratory with minimal rote tasks and fast, reliable turnaround times for high-quality results.

Automation systems: Power Express
Total laboratory automation solution allowing you to connect all core disciplines into a single line – for faster TAT and quality results.

Clinical information management tools: REMISOL Advance†
Middleware solution which bridges the gap between LIS and instrumentation, providing real-time insights into operations to improve laboratory efficiencies.

Clinical information management tools: DxONE* Suite
The DxONE* portfolio empowers laboratories to optimize workflow, standardize processes, streamline inventory and enable data to elevate healthcare.

Clinical information management tools: PROService
Remote service tool that helps to improve your laboratory system uptime at no additional cost.

HiMedia Laboratories

Hospital range disinfectants (CO series)
Large portfolio of disinfectants including hand sanitizers, skin antiseptics, surface, and environmental disinfectants.

Stains (S series)
Vast array of valuable, cost-effective ready to use microbiological and hematological stains and staining kits.

HiPurA® Prefilled magnetic bead based Viral RNA extraction kits with TAT of 96 samples in 11 mins.

HiPurA® Prefilled magnetic bead based Viral RNA/DNA extraction kits as single sample cartridges.

HiPurA® Prefilled MultiSample Magnetic bead based RNA/DNA extraction kits as single sample cartridges (DNA/ RNA isolation from multiple clinical samples like Blood, plasma, serum, tissue, etc).

HiPurA® Viral RNA extraction kit [Column based].

HiPurA® Viral DNA/RNA Purification kit [Column based].

HiPurA® DNA/RNA purification kit [DNA/ RNA isolation from multiple clinical samples like Blood, plasma, serum, tissue, etc].

Hi-PCR® Multiplex Probe based PCR assays to detect ESBL, Carbapenemase, Vancomycin resistance, MRSA & Colistin resistance.

Hi-PCR® Multiplex Probe based PCR assay detects H1N1, Influenza A, Influenza B in a single tube.

Hi-PCR® Multiplex Probe based PCR assay detects 2 or 3 Covid genes in one tube.

Dengue Chikungunya
Hi-PCR® Multiplex Probe based PCR assay detects Dengue & Chikungunya in a single tube.


Blood Screening (NAT) Procleix systems
Individual donor nucleic acid testing (ID-NAT) based on transcription mediated amplification, ensuring highest sensitivity.


Immunoblot/Line immunoassay kits for ANA testing with 17 antigens, autoimmune liver disorders, autoimmune gastrointestinal disorders.

Fungal detection: LAL tests
Fungal Beta D Glucan test and Bacterial endotoxin detection.

ELISA kits
Autoimmune, endocrinology, Infectious like hepatitis, ToRCH diagnostics testing kits; cost saving and flexible.

IFA: Immunoflorescence Slides
Autoimmunity immunofluorescence (IFA) range; automation friendly; easy handling; vacuum sealed slides for long shelf life.

Motic IFA Microscope
Dual microscope for IFA & bright field available with or withoout camera option.

Nephelometry: Omlipo
Fully automated protein analyzer with 100 tests/hour throughput.

Nephelometry: GPP-100
Single cartridge based protein analyzer.

POCT: FA 160
POCT flourescent rapid card reader.

Rapid card tests
For fever profile and COVID Ab testing.

ELISA Reader and Washer
ELISA plate reader and washer.

ELISA Processors
2 plate and 4 plate ELISA processor, Blot and IFA processor and analyzer.

Meril Diagnostics

Fully auto analyzer; Designed with complete walk away capabilities. It can easily process two 96 well microplates, up to 12 different assays simultaneously and features the most user friendly control system available.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Biochemistry: Indiko and Indiko Plus System reagents
Fully validated applications and claims in accordance with the IVD regulation permit holistic quality assurance in your lab. The CE marking process includes a demonstration of compliance with applicable safety and performance standards. Volume-optimized kit sizes help reduce waste. Maximum reagent stability means less calibration, optimized QC, and fewer repeats, and no additional on-site method adjustment necessary.

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ ST8 small benchtop centrifuge
Maximized swing-out capacity up to 8×50 mL conical tubes, 24×5/7 mL blood tubes, microplates and microtubes, Fixed angle flexibility available, Secure push-button Thermo Scientific™ Auto-Lock™ rotor exchange, Biocontainment sealing options, One-touch operation with pre-saved protocols.

Thermo Scientific™ Cryofuge 8
6-8 bag capacity; Proven productivity & yields; Complete traceability & data management, CE MDD Class IIA & USFDA certified.

Thermo Scientific™ Cryofuge 16
Unparalleled 16 bag capacity; Proven productivity & yields; Complete traceability & data management, CE MDD Class IIA & USFDA certified; Highest install base in the country.

Ion Torrent Genexus System
First turnkey next-generation sequencing (NGS) solution that automates the specimen-to report workflow and delivers results in a single day with just two user touchpoints.

Barnstead™ Smart2Pure™ Pro water purification system
Compact system with ability to dispense both ASTM Type 1 and Type II water, UV/UF 16 LPH, customizable storage capacity of 30L or 60L, alerts for consumables replacement, code-protected system parameters, automatic standby mode.

Transasia Bio-Medicals

Cube 30touch
Fully automated ESR analyzer; works on principle of modified Westergren Method(approved by ICSH Guideline); USFDA certified; direct determination of ESR from primary EDTA samples; throughput: 60 tests/ hr; HCT & temperature corrected ESR results; real time view of actual sedimentation; graphical representation of sedimentation curve.

ESL 30
ESL 30 is a truly automated walkaway ESR system (including provision for STAT sample) with touchscreen interface that improves workflow, turnaround time, and laboratory safety. (Meets CLSI and ICSH Guidelines). Measures all three phases of sedimentation in 30 minutes – Excellent correlation with Classical Westergren.

Vesmatic 5
Fully automated ESR analyzer; direct determination of ESR from primary EDTA samples; high throughput of up to 190 tests/hour; ESR result in seconds: first result in 28 min and next subsequent results in 19 seconds; equipped with autoloader racks; provision for placement of 216 samples; HCT and temperature corrected ESR results; barcode reader and continuous loading capacity; provision to process paediatric samples.

Hb 820 (Automated HbA1c Testing System; Free from Labile and HbF interference HbA1c)
Accurate HbA1c results with HbF/HbA2 flagging in 3.5 min with on-board QC functions: Unique CLE technology; 10 position rack loader; NGSP & IFCC certified; CV < 2.5 %.


Centralized Intelligent network: Data management system that consolidates autoimmune results from Werfen instruments in centralized location to improve workflow.

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