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With the increasing demand for novel applications and integration of transformational technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, NGS, and advanced imaging, the healthcare sector is continuously growing and evolving. The healthcare industry is rising fast and is augmented in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic and this has changed the way healthcare is delivered.

As a part of the healthcare industry, I always incorporate sustainable strategies, implement breakthrough technologies and harness more power into technology for better healthcare. We at Trivitron Healthcare pave the way for an all-new healthcare ecosystem that is fueled by the power of collaborative knowledge of innovations, new ideas, and new objectives, to reduce the risk of mortality with our advanced healthcare solutions.

My vision is to bring innovation to revolutionize traditional healthcare boundaries with structural and technological transformation. The future of healthcare I expect must have equitable access, empowered customers, behavior change, and scientific breakthroughs that will collectively transform the existing health system from treatment- based reactionary care to prevention and well-being.

Make India a global healthcare representative
For more than two decades of our existence, we have set a good mark for ourselves in terms of reach, relationship, customer satisfaction, scientific approach-based solutions, R&D, and manufacturing. The next phase is very interesting, especially for the Indian medical devices industry, which is the new sunrise sector of the Indian economy. With new and cutting-edge international research ventures, I am sure we are on a path to becoming an organization led by science and technology.

Trivitron defining the health ecosystem of the future
Trivitron’s extraordinary background with unique approaches, qualifies it to evaluate, strategize and transform medical practices. With the vision to improve the healthcare scenario, I want to bring a fundamental shift from healthcare to affordable, accessible, and quality healthcare for all. While diseases will never be completely eliminated, with the integration of science, data, research, and technology Trivitron will work on better diagnosis and prognosis to sustain its customers’ well-being.

Well-being and care delivery with Make in India
India is hugely dependent on the import of medical devices and this causes a huge impact on the country’s GDP and lack of proper healthcare facilities in the rural areas due to the heavy cost and comparative short shelf life of the imported devices. Under the Make in India and Atmanirbhar Bharat initiatives, Trivitron Healthcare is focusing on making the best quality indigenous medical devices and diagnostic products to make healthcare equitable and accessible for all.

Next-generation sequencing
Next-generation sequencing technology has dramatically altered the scenario of research and diagnostic and enables the complete analysis of an entire human genome for better development of vaccines, drugs, and diseases study. To bring the change we have also partnered with Illumina to expand NGS-based technology to help diagnose patients quickly and more accurately. We are working to develop and distribute a suite of standardized, commercial IVD assays to deliver an effective and non-invasive way of diagnosing cancers, determining infectious pathogens, and identifying prenatal diseases.

Making future secure with New Born Screening
Trivitron New Born Screening (NBS) is a preventive pediatric screening service provided to all newly born children to assess the possibility of genetic disorders in the area of inborn errors of metabolism. In India, out of the approximately 2.7 crore of new births in India, an estimated 16-lakh babies are born with birth disorders, including 6.2 lakh babies diagnosed with genetic defects. Screening with NBS can help in saving the future of the affected babies.

Advanced radiology
We have also launched ceiling suspended auto-tracking auto-positioning with stitching software dulled detector thousand MA system, which is the most advanced x-ray in the industry. To cater to C and D classes, an x-ray device with a single mono rail-based moveable table single detector on a rotatable buggy for the diagnostic centers and hospitals is also launched by Trivitron. We are soon launching a more state-of-the-art and affordable x-rays system for improving diagnostic outcomes.

Innovation requires creativity, hard work, and endurance to succeed. Trivitron is also going to launch made-in- India CT-Scan and MRI, which will be serving the purpose of better diagnosis in remote areas too because of their smart features, cost, and portability.

Many factors are involved in implementing and enforcing a change in healthcare. As our society evolves, Trivitron will also update its healthcare requirements. Technology drives healthcare more than any other force, and in the future, it will continue to develop in dramatic ways to serve the people with our state-of-the-art services quality products, and smart interventions.

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