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New Drug Delivery System To Up Effect Of Two Key Drugs

Vadodara: A research scholar has developed a new drug delivery system that can increase the efficiency of two medicines – iloperidone and vardenafil hydrochloride.
Iloperidone is used for treating schizophrenia while vardenafil hydrochloride is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Kinjal Parikh, as a research scholar from the pharmaceutics department of M S University’s Faculty of Pharmacy, has worked on increasing bioavailability of these two drugs.

Bioavailibility is the proportion of a medicine which enters the blood circulation when introduced into the body to have an active effect.

“Currently, the effectiveness of these two drugs is less. When a patient consumes these drugs, only 15 to 30 % of these drugs reach plasma (blood) of the patient,” said Parikh.

“We have developed oil (lipid-based) drug delivery system that increases the concentration of these drugs by two to three fold in the plasma. As the bioavailability increases, efficiency of these drugs also increases,” said Parikh, who currently works with an Ahmedabad based firm.

Parikh had carried out the PhD research work entitled ‘Development and characterization of lipid-based nano drug delivery systems for some poorly bioavailable drugs’ under the guidance of professor Krutika Sawant, dean of Faculty of Pharmacy.

Currently, these drugs are available in oral tablet format. The drug delivery system was developed at the laboratory of pharmacy faculty.

The research has been published in two international journals – Molecular Liquid and AAPS Pharm Sci Tech.

Her work recently won the best PhD thesis award at the 34th Gujarat Science Congress that was held at Ganpat University on February 8 and February 9.

As appreciation for her work, she has received a medal from the Gujarat Science Academy, sponsored by Changa-based Charotar University of Science and Technology.-Times Of India

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