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Oxygen plants commissioned but problems remain in making them operational

As many as 35% of the 1,222 Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen plants the Centre has sanctioned since October have been commissioned but many of them are not running with pipes needed to supply oxygen to hospital beds yet to be ready in many cases, officials in multiple states said. In some states, hospitals are awaiting equipment to connect the oxygen pipes especially to the Covid designated wards while others are looking for trained manpower to run the plants.

Officials in multiple states said the issues are expected to be resolved by the September end or the first week of October. The installation of the plants acquired renewed urgency after the second Covid-19 wave this summer triggered a shortage of life-saving medical oxygen.

According to the Union health ministry, about 50% of the remaining plants would be operational by September 15. All 1,222 plants are scheduled to be operational by December.

In West Bengal, where 10 of the 49 plants are operational, at least four were not running. The state government has fixed September 15 as a deadline for installing all 49 oxygen plants. Hindustan Times

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