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Plans for 2020

CIIGMA group of Hospitals is one of the most reputed healthcare institutions in this region. We have 200+ beds and four NABH certifications/accreditations, including one for the research committee (Ethics Committee). One of the only few centers across India to have the best-in-class gastroenterology/endoscopy setup, triple transplant facility (heart, liver, and kidneys), spine surgery, tissue bank, and all modern amenities, CIIGMA Health Foundation is the branch of our group looking after CSR activities. Dr Unmesh Takalkar (CMD) and Dr Manisha Takalkar (Director) lead the organization.

Plans for 2020 are multifaceted:

Equipment. Soon we have planning to start the PET-CT facility. We also plan to procure the radiation facility in later part of 2020. This addition shall make the entire spectrum of oncology armamentarium complete, for our group of hospitals.

We are currently empaneled with all the cashless, corporate and government insurance schemes. Addition of these two facilities shall make the facilities available for all those covered under the schemes.

Conducting the first-ever TAVI procedure is one of the objectives for this year.

Growth and expansion. We are in the process of acquiring few of the nearby hospitals to run on turn-key basis. Our managerial skills and proven track record of more than 20 years plus goodwill in the market, all add up to make a profitable proposition and win-win scenario for this activity. One of the biggest advantages for this would be availability of many more beds for our patients. Bed crunch has been our daily problem with around 20–30 patients waiting for admission every day. Once this tie-up is done, we would be able to accommodate a greater number of patients.

Empowerment of health centers. As a part of our commitment, we would be helping the healthcare centers for development of infrastructure, manpower, and technical guidance. We shall also be using the telemedicine facility for giving them consultation of the experts. This shall make available the superspecialty facilities even at remote centers/places. We are planning to identify such outreach centers at every district place. This will also increase our reach in far and remote areas. Complicated cases shall be referred to our center for further management. We are also arranging tie-up with ambulance providers for prompt referrals.

GI-VISION 2020 conference. We host a bi-annual GI conference to showcase the expertise and facilitates in the field of gastroenterology medical/surgery and endoscopy. This conference is attended by national and international stalwarts and audience. It is also endorsed by an international organization ASGE. The conference attracts a crowd of around 1500 delegates and would be one of the biggest academic events of 2020.

Awareness camps and patient education. Under the auspices of CIIGMA Health Foundation, we shall continue to have different camps aimed at awareness, early detection and IEC (information, education and communication) activities for patients. This shall include breast-cancer detection (with the use of advanced machine), diabetes detection, ophthalmic checkup, etc. Other initiatives are endoscopy van, advanced physiotherapy, and tailor-made diet therapy.

Focus on quality. We shall continue with our work in ensuring quality and safety of the patients. One of our units is likely to get NABH accreditation soon. We also plan to train and encourage our staff for achieving CPHQ certification. JCI accreditation is also on our cards.

Kidneython. This is an annual event. On the occasion of the World Kidney Day, we arrange a marathon event in the categories of 2 km (fun run for families and patients of kidney transplant), 5 km, and 10 km. This is a mega event and shall be covered widely by the media. Around 2000 participants are expected to participate this year.

The list is not comprehensive. But for sure, we would strive hard to keep our leadership badge in the healthcare industry.

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