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Roadmap 2020

2020 promises to be an exciting year. It is indeed the best of times… also the worst. The former because of the explosion of technology helping us, the latter because what was our calling, i.e., medicine, has now become an industry called healthcare.

My aim this year is to continue innovating new surgical techniques to improve patient recovery and reduce some present complications inherent in any surgical procedure. My last innovation – after my technique of multivessel beating heart surgery (which incidentally earned pride of place in the Limca Book of World Records) – was the invention of a technique to reduce complications after lung surgery – this was nominated for the BMJ Innovator Award. Dr Nandini Bedi has an innovative life-saving pediatric surgical technique named after her.

To innovate, we need the help of the latest technology. I plan to invest in a hybrid cardiac cath lab, which will help us in performing a number of minimally invasive procedures, which will be helpful in a quicker patient recovery. We have found the Medical Buyer to be an invaluable asset in helping us choose and compare different products.

A large and growing population, a booming economy, rapid urbanization, which has expanded the middle class, rising incidences of diseases, and increased awareness level are some of the factors that have enabled the healthcare sector to grow at a much higher rate. But it is still not reaching the common man.

We are also aiming to help the government in setting up low-cost but highly skilled superspecialties by offering the services of willing specialized senior doctors. No-frills green buildings with good-quality infrastructure and equipment are the need of the hour.

Going on to complete architectural work and space planning, and equipment planning and procurement, we would help with commissioning of the facility keeping in mind all the quality facets laid down by NABH and JCI.

Patient safety and infection control are strong pillars to planning of a good facility. As senior professionals, we would not only ensure a strict adherence to these laws but would also keep in mind effective workflow and patient flow to improve efficiency of the hospital in all aspects while planning a good facility. Training manpower, both in skills and in compassion and empathy will be important.

The healthcare industry in India is growing by leaps and bounds. It is one of the fastest and most rapidly growing sectors. It is the duty of us professionals that the medicine part does not get lost in the industry part.

We would like to see and aid better patient care, quality initiatives, and international management practices in the hospitals. We would like to fuel the change in the healthcare face of India to make its mark on the global map.

Once an institute is set up and running, the next job  is no doubt  to improve and increase bottom lines – but without compromising on quality of care . We have a great expertise in running units while providing superior patient care  to achieve the best international quality standards.

The aim is to bring international best practices  to be able to provide better patient care at affordable prices and still be able to generate enough revenue to continuously upgrade . One major focus will be on developing soft skills in all health care providers .

At the same time, this year we do plan to have a better work-life equation. Quite often we ignore the most important person in our life – our parents, wife, kids…and oneself – in our search for work excellence. It is of utmost importance to have a balance in life. In fact, these are the tips I give my patients. I need to follow them myself too!

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