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Plasma therapy fails to arrest progression of moderate to severe cases: ICMR

ICMR DG Balram Bhargava said: “The ICMR study of plasma therapy conducted on 464 patients in 39 hospitals, involving 350 doctors, clearly demonstrated no benefit in mortality in moderate to severe cases of Covid-19. It did not arrest the progression of moderate to severe cases. This publication has been reviewed and accepted for publication in British Medical Journal, actual article will be published very soon.”

“There is no direct relationship between having a better health infrastructure and deaths due to Covid-19, said the Health Secretary, citing the European countries which have much better health care infrastructure compared to India but have faced severe health woes owing to the virus.

“Key is timely intervention in order to save the infected.The patients were reaching late to hospitals. This is why we need early identification through more tests, which will lead to early isolation and intervention, which will increase the possibility of recovery,” he added. – Delhi Bureau

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