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POCT analyzer – Need of the hour

Since many years, blood testing has seen significant changes in its evolution into the laboratory diagnosis. From the times when people had to wait for days to get their blood reports handed over, to digitally getting diagnosis within two hours of testing, laboratory diagnosis has seen massive technological advancements in the recent times and POCT analyzer is one such technologic inventions.

Biochemical Testing
Biochemical investigations are involved in varying degrees in every branch of clinical medicine. The results of biochemical tests may be of use to the clinicians in diagnosis and monitoring of the treatment. Biochemical testing may also be of value in screening for diseases or in accessing the prognosis after the diagnosis is done. A biochemical test result alone cannot serve the purpose; it needs a proper interpretation, which brings in the accuracy and reliability of the technology used in generating the reports.

When we talk about instrumentation in the biochemistry segment, we have seen the progression of technologic advancements from the colorimetric method to the spectrophotometry method, wet chemistries to dry chemistries, from calibrators to magnetic cards used to calibrate the reagents and so on. This has led to revolutionizing the world of POCT (point-of-care testing), where the patients receive highly accurate and reliable test results within a very short period, helping the clinicians provide early diagnosis and preventive treatments without any delay.

Dry chemistry technology
The dry chemistry technology was originated and utilized for the first time in 1941. Dry chemistry is said to be the gold standard technology and comes at a higher cost compared to the wet chemistry technology. This technology does not need water, which is also one of the depleting natural resources. This allows the dry chemistry analyzer manufacturers bring in the POCT devices, as these devices can be placed in any location where interference in results generated due to the quality of water will never occur.

POCT testing
There are multiple challenges when we talk about biochemical testing to be performed in clinics or nursing homes or as a bed side testing. The lack of a laboratory environment, trained manpower, handling of reagents, calibration or standardization, quality of water, handling of the devices, lack of space can lead to small clinics, nursing homes, smaller hospitals having difficulty to diagnose patients in the required time period, especially in interior parts of the country. This delay in diagnosis can be fatal at times. These hurdles can be overcome with the introduction of POCT devices at such centers. This will not only help the clinicians and doctors in the hospitals, but also the patients who visit from far off villages to get the test results and diagnosis at the same time in a single visit.

Fujifilm dri-chemistry analyzer (POCT)
We at Fujifilm are continuously innovating by creating new technologies, products, and services that inspire and excite people everywhere. We take an open and flexible attitude to innovation, combining our own original technology with human resources, expertise, and technology from around the world. Through this powerful synergy, we rapidly and nimbly develop new solutions that address the true needs of our customers. Fujifilm dri-chemistry analyzers bring in ease of use, cutting-edge patented technology, no hassle of calibration, plug-and-play set-up, compact size, independence from use of water, independence from trained manpower, and highest quality of results to our customers.

With emerging trends in digitization, where the world is moving toward the highest levels of technological advancements and artificial intelligence playing crucial role in helping provide early diagnosis of various diseases, POCT devices can help improve the lives of people who are living in the interior parts of the country, where these technologies are difficult to reach. Clinicians and physicians can diagnose the patients quickly without being dependent on laboratories to process samples and provide them with the results. Hospitals can use mobile medical vans to provide healthcare in various small villages with the help of these POCT devices. Hence, it would be right to say that “POCT brings accurate and early diagnosis to provide improved healthcare to the people.”

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