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Qosina partners with Carolina Components

Qosina, a global supplier of OEM single-use components to the medical and biopharmaceutical industries, is happy to announce its partnership with Carolina Components Group, a leading supplier of primary and support production materials for the pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing industries.

As part of this collaboration, Qosina was selected by Carolina Components to market their FlowLinX™ line of sanitary flanges, caps and sanitary clamps.

Not only is Qosina a distribution partner for Carolina Components, the company is also a supplier of components to Carolina Components, who relies on Qosina’s stability in assurance of supply. Qosina offers an extensive selection and inventory of bioprocess components with built-in business continuity, consistent quality and robust change control.

FlowLinX™ sanitary flanges and end caps are designed for single-use fluid transfer applications and are available in 0.5 inch/0.75 inch mini and 1 inch/1.5 inch standard flange sizes. The flanges are available with multiple hose barb options. They are constructed of polypropylene (PP) material and tested to 94 PSI (6.5 bar) for leak resistance.

FlowLinX™ sanitary clamps are designed for quick and efficient installation and are available in sizes that fit 0.5 inch/0.75 inch mini and 1 inch/1.5 inch standard flanges. They allow for one-handed operation, and the audible click after clamp closure ensures secure connection without over-compression of the gasket. FlowLinX™ sanitary clamps are constructed of polykeytone (PK) material and tested to 94 PSI (6.5 bar) for leak resistance. They are also zip tie-compatible for process ID and tamper-evident features.

These flanges, caps and clamps are designed to ASME-BPE specifications, allowing them to be compatible with other sanitary flanges on the market.

Qosina will market FlowLinX™ sanitary flanges, caps and sanitary clamps to customers of all needs and sizes. Whether in R&D or full-scale production, Qosina’s ability to serve large and small customers, along with their high service levels, extensive product portfolio, sampling capabilities and technical expertise, will help fill an important supply chain and distribution role for Carolina Components.

Qosina is actively working with Carolina Components to onboard additional components from their product line and will continue to build upon their extensive bioprocess components portfolio.

Qosina is a one-stop source for single-use bioprocess components, with low minimum orders, a liberal sampling policy and bill of material kitting, all supported by regulatory documentation and backed by Qosina’s assurance of supply. Business Wire

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