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Railways’ Oxygen Express rushes to breath life to choking states

An Indian Railways’ Oxygen Express carrying tanker trucks of Liquid Medical Oxygen started for Mumbai from Visakhapatnam, on the night of April 22. Another such train began its journey from Lucknow to Bokaro, through Varanasi, carrying much needed oxygen to Uttar Pradesh hospitals.

Tankers filled with LMO at Visakhapatnam are being transported through Roll-on/Roll-off service of the Indian Railways and will reach Mumbai in two days. “It’s taking about an hour to fill one tanker,” sources said. “The fully loaded train expected to leave by late evening,” they added.

Green corridor
A green corridor has been created between Lucknow and Varanasi to ensure unimpeded movement for the train to cover the 270-km stretch in 4.20 hours. According to a statement issued by the Railways, transportation of oxygen through trains is a lot faster than road transport.

Special model
“Also, due to restrictions of height of Road Over Bridges and Over Head Equipment at certain locations, T1618 model tanker with height of 3,320 mm was found feasible to be placed on flat wagons with height of 1,290 mm,” it said.

Railways transported essential commodities and kept the supply chain intact even during the lockdown last year and continue to serve the nation in times of emergencies, added the statement. The Hindu BusinessLine

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