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Rajasthan Chalks Out Strategy to Improve Health Indicators

After failing miserably to secure respectable place in overall delta ranking of NITI Aayog, the five aspirational districts of the state identified by the Center need improvement in 49 different indicators set by NITI Aayog. The health department has chalked out a strategy to improve health indicators in the five identified districts of the state. NITI Aayog had released a list in December last year of overall delta ranking of 111 identified aspirational districts of the country. Among 111 identified districts, there are five districts of the state, which include Sirohi, Karauli, Baran, Dholpur and Jaisalmer. A video-conference was recently conducted on the issue in which health department discussed need for identification of gaps in maternal and infant healthcare services to improve health indicators including maternal mortality ratio, infant mortality rate, immunization coverage, institutional deliveries, sex ratio at birth and total fertility rate for improving ranking of its districts. According to health department officials, a meeting was held recently and it has been decided to focus on improving maternal and infant care in the five identified aspirational districts — Baran, Dholpur, Jaisalmer, Karauli and Sirohi. Among five aspirational districts of the state, Sirohi has secured 72nd rank, while Karauli, Baran, Dholpur and Jaisalmer booked 88th, 90th, 92nd and 100th place in overall ranking of 111 districts of the country.

Health department special secretary (health) Dr Samit Sharma directed his officials in five districts to take necessary measures for improving health indicators. Among 49 indicators, there are 23 different health indicators, on which ranking of aspirational districts are decided. Health department’s director (family welfare) Dr SR Meena said that they have issued directions to officials for preparing micro-planning for improving maternal health, child health facilities also immunization coverage in the districts need to improve further. Health department officials said that they are taking necessary measures to improve availability of iron folic acid tablets for pregnant women for fighting against anemia. Also, for improving institutional deliveries in the aspirational districts, health department has directed its officials to ensure that proper transportation of pregnant women to hospitals and also for tracking pregnant women in their respective districts. – TOI