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Safdarjung Hospital Soon to Host e-Learning Education System for Young Doctors

Under the central government’s e-health program, the Union health ministry will start a national online integrated education system at Safdarjung Hospital that will connect 51 medical colleges across India. This online system will include advanced procedures such as international live 3-D laparoscopic advanced surgeries of urological cancers and complex reconstructive procedures. “The integrated online education system at Safdarjung Hospital would help young doctors learn advanced medical procedures in real time. It is for the first time that doctors would get training accurately in one go. We are planning to start this online education program from next Tuesday,” Dr Anup Kumar, head of renal transplant and urology department, Safdarjung Hospital, told Mail Today.

“After the successful implementation of live webcast of 3-D laparoscopic advanced surgeries of urology, we got a lot of appreciation from all over the world. Therefore, we planned to reach out to more doctors posted at various medical colleges in India,” said Dr Kumar. Dr Kumar, who is heading the first-ever online integrated education system, said that once the e-health education program starts, doctors in other states would be able to perform these advanced complex surgeries. Further, this will reduce the migration of patients from other states. Safdarjung Hospital receives about 10,000 patients every day and it gets more than 50 percent of cases from other states. In the second phase, the health ministry is planning to launch symposiums, lectures and panel discussions of experts for doctors. – India Today

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