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Innvolution is India’s leading and most diversified cardiovascular care company, boasting a dedicated team of 350 employees. With five state-of-the-art factories, the company is well-equipped to meet the growing demands of the healthcare industry. Innvolution’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its projected turnover exceeding 50 million USD in the planned FY 2023-24. Furthermore, as the second-largest player in the market, Innvolution holds an impressive 21-percent market share, solidifying its position as a key provider of cath labs in India. In just 60 months, the company has successfully installed 250 cath labs, further establishing its reputation for delivering cutting-edge solutions, and expanding access to advanced cardiac care across the country.

The group is at the forefront of the field, constantly pushing the boundaries of interventional cardiology through research, development, and collaboration. They work closely with healthcare professionals, including cardiologists, interventional radiologists, and cardiac surgeons to understand their needs and develop solutions that address the challenges faced in the field.

The Innvolution Group consists of two distinct companies – Innvolution Healthcare Private Limited (IHPL) and Innovation Imaging Technologies Private Limited (IITPL). IHPL specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of consumables for cardiac care, while IITPL focuses on the production of cath labs. Excitingly, these two companies have recently joined forces through a merger, creating a unified entity under the name Innvolution. This merger allows Innvolution to leverage the combined expertise and resources of both companies to provide comprehensive solutions in the field of cardiac care.

Innvolution boasts a diverse portfolio that encompasses imaging equipment and consumables, catering to the specialized field of interventional cardiac care. Their comprehensive ICVD (interventional cardiovascular disease) solution portfolio encompasses nearly every product utilized in a cath lab, ensuring they meet the varied requirements of healthcare professionals.

One of Innvolution’s core strengths lies in its imaging products. They offer state-of-the-art Cath Lab Premier and Pinnacle that enable physicians to visualize the cardiovascular system with exceptional clarity and precision. In addition to imaging, Innvolution also provides a comprehensive range of consumable products that are essential for interventional cardiology procedures. These products include catheters, guidewires, stents, balloons, and other devices required for various interventional techniques. Innvolution’s consumables are designed with a focus on quality, safety, and usability, ensuring optimal performance during procedures and minimizing potential risks for patients.

At the core of Innvolution’s offerings are integrated capabilities that encompass technical expertise, efficient manufacturing processes, and a robust sales and distribution network. This holistic approach enables the company to provide a diverse array of products and services across imaging equipment and consumables, specifically tailored for interventional cardiac care.

By combining cutting-edge technology with their deep understanding of the field, Innvolution strives to meet the evolving needs of healthcare professionals and patients alike. Their commitment to delivering innovative solutions sets them apart in the industry, empowering medical practitioners to perform interventional cardiac procedures with confidence and precision.

The company has established a strong brand recall among doctors, highlighting their reputation for delivering high-quality products and services. This recognition is a testament to the trust and confidence that medical professionals place in Innvolution’s offerings.

The company operates three manufacturing facilities situated in Bengaluru, Vizag, and Jaipur, and is actively developing two additional facilities in Bengaluru and Vizag specifically for cath lab production. With a strong presence already established throughout India, Innvolution is now poised to expand its footprint into new markets across South-East Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Driven by its diverse cardiovascular care portfolio, Innvolution has set ambitious goals for itself. By 2025, the company aims to rank among the top 1 percent of Indian medical devices manufacturers, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry. Furthermore, Innvolution has set its sights on surpassing USD 100 million in revenues, reflecting its dedication to sustained growth and success.

Innvolution has made significant strides in expanding its market reach within the cath lab segment. With an impressive track record, the company has successfully installed 250 cath labs, establishing a strong presence in medical facilities across various regions. Furthermore, Innvolution has sold over 320 cath labs, attesting to the high demand and acceptance of their cutting-edge technology and solutions.

In the devices market, Innvolution effectively reaches out to more than 3000 cardiologists every month, granting them access to advanced cardiovascular care products and innovations.

Along with this Innvolution has established relationships with over 1400 hospitals, enabling widespread adoption of their cath lab & Consumable solutions and enhancing access to state-of-the-art cardiac care. Additionally, the company collaborates with over 100 distributors to ensure efficient distribution channels and expand its market reach, reaching a broader customer base.

This remarkable market reach reflects Innvolution’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology, comprehensive solutions, and establishing strong collaborations across the healthcare industry.

In a significant milestone, Innvolution recently launched its revolutionary Premier Elite Cath Lab at EuroPCR in Paris. The event garnered immense success, attracting over 300+ visitors from more than 40+ countries, who had the opportunity to experience a live demonstration of the cath lab. This ground-breaking display marked the first-ever live cath lab showcased in the history of EuroPCR, a remarkable achievement for not just Innvolution but also for the Indian companies as a whole. The terrific response from the international community is a testimony to the global appeal of Premier Elite.

This accomplishment signifies a significant advancement in Innvolution’s international expansion strategy. With this successful launch, the company is poised to export its products to 20 countries across Southeast Asia, Western Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. This expansion into new markets further solidifies Innvolution’s position as a global player in the field of interventional cardiology.

Innvolution’s cath lab sets itself apart with superior product specifications that deliver exceptional performance and efficiency. With an impressive 30–35 percent lower radiation emission, it prioritizes patient safety and reduces the potential risks associated with prolonged exposure. Additionally, the cath lab requires 20–30 percent less space compared to conventional models, making it more versatile and adaptable to various healthcare facility settings.

The state-of-the-art Premier Elite cath lab sets a new standard in terms of flexibility and functionality. With its advanced design, it offers unparalleled operating space, and the ability to capture deep angles on a floor-mounted platform. Key features include a +120 gantry movement, which optimizes space utilization and allows for a wide range of cardiac, neuro, and peripheral vascular procedures. Equipped with a 43-inch medical-grade monitor, the system also incorporates a 3-MHU grid-controlled liquid metal bearing tube and a 100 kW high-frequency generator, providing the necessary power for efficient and effective procedures.

The Premier Elite cath lab is complemented by advanced software intelligence and real-time stent enhancement capabilities, which contribute to saving procedural time and facilitating optimal stent placement. Additionally, it offers optional OCT/IVUS co-registration compatibility with various brands of intravascular imaging equipment, enabling seamless integration and enhancing the precision of procedures. Furthermore, optional virtual FFR integration capabilities are also available, providing valuable insights into the functional assessment of coronary arteries.

Innvolution has undertaken an ambitious mission to install a cath lab in each of the 766+ districts across India by 2030. This strategic objective reflects their commitment to enhancing access to advanced cardiovascular care throughout the country. By expanding their cath lab installations nationwide, Innvolution aims to ensure that patients in every district have convenient access to life-saving interventional cardiology procedures. This mission demonstrates their dedication to improving healthcare infrastructure and making a positive impact on the cardiovascular health of people across India.

Looking toward the future, Innvolution is actively exploring and investing in various areas of interest within the field of interventional cardiology. They have a keen focus on drug-eluting balloons (DEB), intravascular imaging, vascular robotics, rotational angiography, remote echocardiography, and AI-driven diagnostic tools, such as dynamic coronary roadmap and VFFR (virtual functional flow reserve), combined with 3D CT angiography, among other cutting-edge technologies. By embracing these advancements, Innvolution aims to stay at the forefront of innovation, continuously improving patient care and advancing the field of interventional cardiology. 

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