Deepika Behal
Business Development Manager,
Grabner International

Assisting the Noble Profession

For a seed to become a plant and then a tree, takes time, patience, and nurturing. One such dream of assisting and aiding in the ever-growing need for the best equipment in the Indian hospitals was nurtured by Grabner International and its CEO, Anil Behal. Since its inception in 1982, Grabner International has been in the service of mankind by assisting the noble profession through its innovative approach and commitment to excellence. From humble beginning to becoming one of the well-known companies, Grabner International has come a long way in setting new standards in the field of innovative medical equipment supply and distribution and has raised the bar for others.

Grabner has been delivering newer technology, innovative products, and devoted after-sales service. In mutual cooperation with Philip Kirsch GmbH ever since 1988, Grabner has been delivering world-class medical refrigeration equipment to the Indian hospitals. The first medical refrigerator supplied by Grabner to a prominent hospital in Delhi in 1988 is still there inspiring us to deliver durability along with reliability in whatever we do.

Grabner was one of the first to introduce air purification devices from Biocomfort Germany, which are still working for over two decades in some of the prominent hospitals. This too has inspired us to carry on the good work. Keeping in mind the Indian government’s keen interest in promoting the Make in India campaign, Grabner enthusiastically decided to be a part of this highly invigorative program. In the year 2016, we set up our own research and development wing where we started developing our own decontamination systems and temperature-related patient-assisting devices. Having worked rigorously on latest technology and delivering the best, we have been able to create some of the much-needed products, which until now were being imported. The team of Grabner has been successful in implementing their programs and attain import substitution, through their own efforts and indigenous resources.

The beginning of the year 2017 saw Grabner successfully complete three major projects: patient-warming mattress, air-purification devices, and biological fluid disinfection equipment. Having already delivered the first batch of all the aforementioned products to the hospitals for their evaluation, the results are excellent and the reports are highly positive.

In the coming months, Grabner plans to expand the production of air purifiers of different specifications, designed specifically for sensitive hospital departments. We have also been able to complete our project of developing biological fluid disinfection equipment. The units with new and enhanced features are likely to be delivered to hospitals by the end of January 2017. Grabner has delivered world-class, indigenously made air-disinfection equipment to prominent hospitals in Delhi. The results are highly encouraging and in 2017 they plan to expand the range to disinfection of everything required by the hospitals; this includes development of disinfection stations which will disinfect bigger equipment including ambulances.

The future seems bright for this ever-enthusiastic company which has declared a war on infection and bad health. Under the able leadership of Anil Behal and innovative approach head – R&D, Manas Behal, the company hopes to take this fight to the next level besides introducing anti-bacterial paint for hospitals to fight the menace of infection.

Year 2017 will also see Grabner International entering the field of hair care products. Having signed an MoU with T-Biomax from Malaysia, Grabner plans to launch a range of hair care and hair regeneration products soon.

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