Abdul Basith NV
Senior Manager, Research and Development,
Skanray Healthcare

Future Advancement In Patient Monitoring System

As technology continues to evolve, patient monitoring devices will provide better patient comfort and hassle-free data access. This will be achieved by the combination of vital sign monitoring wearable systems and IoTs (internet of things). The mutual data sharing between IoTs and wearable devices is bringing a revolution in the contemporary healthcare ecosystem. To establish this, key areas of development will be in remote patient monitoring and wearable monitoring devices.

Remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring will be a major advancement in monitoring and diagnosing chronic diseases. With the help of latest connectivity and data base management systems, healthcare professionals can access trends of parameter values from anywhere in the world. By introducing machine learning and artificial intelligence, this huge data base of physiological parameters can be used to detect abnormal patterns and diseases at a much earlier stage.

IoTs in patient monitoring

There is a growing interest in IoT driven healthcare services and wearable medical devices. A combination of wireless parameter acquisition sensors along with other communication devices such as smart phones will allow patient data to be continuously transferred to a cloud-based data management system. Thus, wearable devices and IoTs will allow healthcare professionals to have more effective chronic disease management.

Wearable devices

With the help of wearable monitoring devices, major physiological parameters can be monitored and transferred easily (e.g.: ECG, SpO2, blood pressure, body temperature, breathing patterns, and blood glucose levels). The wearable devices integrated with cloud will assist in providing medical treatment in remote locations where hospitals are not present and treatment can be made remotely. In addition to this, the main advantage of wearable devices is far beyond the healthcare system, as patients are capacitated to diagnose and control their health conditions.

Data protection will be a major area of development to avoid unauthorized usage and patient privacy. Cyber-security standards will become mandatory in the area of data protection and implementing this will be a key challenge for developers.

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