Vishnu Ravindranath
Spark Meditech Pvt. Ltd.

Import-Substitute High-Quality Products At An Affordable Price

Spark Meditech Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001-2008-certified company, has been in the medical field for the past 28 years. We are basically engaged in trading surgical equipment such as cautery units, surgical pumps, and light source.

We also import major and minor OT lights from Italy and Switzerland. Our products are manufactured at an ISO 13485:2012-certified facility at Cochin, Kerala. Our products are basically import-substitute products, which strike a balance between optimal cost and best quality.

With the current fast lifestyle of the growing economy, infertility among the younger couples is becoming a common thing. Hence, the IVF and specialized gynecology care sector is growing at a fast pace.

We offer high-quality import substitute products like UNIVAC OVI (ovum aspiration pump), Rolla & Rolla Multi (pumps for hysteroscopy) in addition to the standard laparoscopy products like surgical diathermy and insufflators among others.

The Rolla is an ideal pump for both diagnostic and operative applications. This is a peristaltic pump (roller pump) which employs a totally non-contact method for pumping the irrigant into human organs at preset pressures and flow rates. The Rolla finds application as a hysteromat for diagnostic as well as operative hysteroscopic procedures. In urological procedures it works as a uromat for dilating the ureter.

Sensor controlled dilation of human organs to preset pressures and flow rates is possible. There is no risk of air embolism while irrigating from bottles, thanks to a peristaltic pumping method. High power suction enables easy cleaning of surgical site. The sensor and pump are imported from Germany.

All accessories supplied along with this unit are completely autoclavable and reusable, which ensures affordable treatment costs to patients. Our ultimate aim is to provide import-substitute high-quality products at an affordable price so that patients can avail healthcare services at a lower cost.

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