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Director and Founder,
Caredata Infomatics Pvt. Ltd.

Improving workflow efficiencies with an effective LIMS

In this era, when data is the central point of all operations, caregivers are going that extra mile to invest in extensive data management to optimize outcomes. Like in all other specializations, technological advancements have opened new vistas in healthcare too. Laboratories are no more dependent on manual intervention to run processes ranging from sample processing and reporting, its storage, and retrieval. The advent of automated systems is improving the existing workflow and has made life simpler for lab technicians and pathologists. The use of automated systems has rapidly increased the lab’s throughput, managing, and monitoring of data with least possible errors.

However, lab automation is not just about automated equipment. An integrated information management software and artificial intelligence also helps in effective data utilization and workflow streamlining, benefitting both caregivers and patients. New-generation software, such as cloud-based solutions for lab information management system (LIMS) and middleware solutions, are the ones than can aid laboratories in the following functions:

Data security

Healthcare informatics will be the utmost need in future with sharing of patient diagnostic and treatment information across the globe among medical practitioners for better diagnostics and treating diseases. Thus, it is important to have a secured software that can aid in maintaining data privacy.

Cloud-based platform

The software should be able to provide a robust cloud-based platform to digitally capture patient data securely and enable better analytic insights.

Business intelligence

Advanced data analysis can be used for better clinical decision making, population health management, and the creation of new care-delivery models.

Optimal usage of resources

The software can be useful for tracking the functioning of medical devices. Alerts can be configured when the device becomes inactive to send out prior intimation on issues.

Avoiding pilferages

Using the software, reagent consumption can be tracked for each uniquely done test to identify
exact consumption and use it for inventory-based statis

Minimizing complexity in trouble shooting

Capturing error codes and directly alerting the authorities can reduce the time taken in trouble shooting. Also, tapping the equipment’s performance and understanding mean time between failures can aid in load balancing during crucial hours.

Effective software can help in managing constantly increasing workload, through remote monitoring and automating of all services including rerun with minimal human intervention.

Addressing quality issues

The software can provide a real-time measure of performance degradation of devices. Degradation is a measure of the total number of absurd result deviations for the day. Results and statistics for quality check and calibrations can be readily accessible on a day-to-day basis.

Caredata Infomatics Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading healthcare technology organizations that offer solutions to enhance patient care and optimize clinical processes in laboratories and hospitals. Along with providing robust software with cloud-based platform, the company has recently developed a mobile app that can provide the patient details, previous test results, and daily QC values of the instruments. Such extensive information can enable pathologists to approve results remotely too.

The company is a preferred LIMS and device interface partner for Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd.

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