Neeraj Lal
Vice President and Cluster Head, Bangalore and Karnataka Region,
Rainbow Children Hospital

Plans For 2019

Rainbow Hospitals have 19 glorious years of excellence in pediatric tertiary care and specialties. It is the first corporate children’s hospital in India, started on November 14, 1999, on Children’s Day. Presently, we are a 1000+ bedded chain with state-of-the-art pediatric tertiary care and perinatal care services with most modern facilities and managed by highly qualified professionals. The hospitals are equipped with facilities to provide level 3 neonatal and pediatric intensive care, advanced pediatric surgery, and pediatric specialties including pediatric oncology, gastroenterology, nephrology, neurology, IVF, and fetal medicine. Rainbow Children’s Hospital has the second largest pediatrics DNB program in the country.

Presently, Rainbow group of hospitals have partnered with CDC Group, a wholly-owned development finance institution of the UK government’s department for International Development and its first direct equity investment in India. Rainbow Children’s Group of Hospitals have total 11 hospitals; six in Hyderabad, two in Bangalore, one in New Delhi, one in Vijayawada, and one in Chennai. The Group is coming up with a facility in Vizag soon, which will take the number of beds to 1200 by 2020.

We have strived to achieve excellence in the services provided to children requiring super specialty care in a child-family-friendly environment, without compromising on quality.

Perinatal coverage

BirthRight by Rainbow Group of Hospitals is a unique initiative, born with the aim of providing high standards of care for the pregnant woman, fetus, newborn child, and the new mother, so that none of them is deprived of a tertiary care facility. We do 8500+ deliveries across three cities with a very high percentage of normal deliveries annually.

BirthRight fact file:

  • 300+ beds dedicated for obstetrics and gynecology with experienced medical professionals dedicated 24/7 to the hospital;
  • 4000+ gynecology procedures annually;
  • Over 1000+ IVF procedures done successfully;
  • Outpatient clinics schedule more than 1.5 lakh visits annually with care and counseling for the expectant as well as new mothers; and
  • Besides our natural inclination for normal deliveries, we are equally competent in handling high-risk cases.

Way forward

To start super specialty children’s clinic in the following disciplines:

Center of Excellence for Kidney Diseases in Children. Kidney diseases in children are more common than usual, and require special expertise and specialized centers to manage such children. Rainbow Children’s Hospital being a tertiary level super specialty hospital has the vision of catering to needs of such complicated cases of kidney diseases in children. This Center of Excellence aims at providing highest level of care to children with kidney diseases from newborn period to adolescent age at par with western standards.

The center is the only facility in Karnataka state to be empanelled with government’s SASTA scheme for kidney transplants in children of low economic group. The facility has already conducted multiple kidney transplants in children as small as 4-5 years of age successfully. Apart from transplant, hemodialysis/peritoneal dialysis/CRRT/plasmapheresis/kidney biopsy are done regularly on newborn to adolescent children.

Center for Cochlear Implants and Advanced Hearing. Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Marathahalli is one of the very few hospitals in the country to start comprehensive cochlear implant unit comprising of a surgeon, dedicated audiologist, speech therapist and rehabilitation specialist. Services offered include cochlear implant surgeries, post-operative rehabilitation and speech therapy & diagnostic procedures which include BERA, pure tone audiometry, newborn hearing screening, hearing aids, and tympanometry.

Child Development Center. Rainbow believes in helping the little ones achieve the best of their potential through a multidisciplinary team approach that would maximize their development. Comprehensive CDC unit at Rainbow includes a team of child psychiatrists, psychologists, dedicated speech therapists, occupational therapists and trained pediatric physiotherapists. Rainbow Children’s Hospital is well equipped for evaluating and treating children with psychological disturbances. Diagnostic and therapeutic services like comprehensive developmental assessment, IQ assessment, behavioral assessment and intervention, attention enhancement training, and management of ADHD.

Center For Cerebral Palsy Care. Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Marathahalli is home to India’s first center for comprehensive cerebral palsy care, Pragati. The center brings together a state-of-the-art facility and expertise under one roof. For the first time in India, a children’s hospital has an advanced 3D GAIT analysis lab, pediatric orthopedics, orthotic center (for making splints and braces) and ancillary services needed for world-class management of children with cerebral palsy and special needs. In addition, the center also has advanced rehabilitation facilities for sports injuries and gait analysis for runners.

Rainbow Children’s Hospital will launch India’s first pediatric and adolescent diabetes clinic in its Marathahalli center in Bangalore. In the wake of an increase in the number of diabetes cases reported in children and adolescents in the country, this dedicated clinic will attempt to provide specialized multidisciplinary care to them, by putting together an expert panel of specially-trained doctors to give integrated care. More than 97,000 children in India are reported to suffer from Type 1 diabetes mellitus. However, not all of them get the right care and support.

Due to the involvement of several interactive psychological parameters and lifelong intensive support in diabetes care, effective self-management is near to impossible, especially among the young adults. The Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes Clinic will have a group of specially trained doctors comprising of endocrinologists, nutritionists, psychologists et al providing a comprehensive solution to monitor and correct the lifestyle of those suffering from diabetes at an early age.

The first ketogenic diet therapy clinic for children in Karnataka was launched at Rainbow Hospital at its Marathalli center. Ketogenic diet is a treatment for epilepsy. This diet is a special high fat, low carbohydrate diet that is used to treat difficult-to-control epilepsy in children, especially those not responding to conventional anti-epileptic drugs.

1000 days campaign

A unique initiative was started at Birthright by Rainbow Hospital in Bangalore. We believe that a children’s hospital is where a child should be born. During our two decades of service in the field of childcare, we have gathered first-hand knowledge on the significance of the first 1000 days of life. That is why we at Rainbow Children’s Hospital and BirthRight conceptualized the 1000-day program to spread awareness and assist mothers-to-be in bringing up a generation of healthy children.

The pregnancy phase, from the moment the child is conceived to finally when little bundle of joy is delivered; a culmination of all the months of pregnancy, the endless hours of labor; and Growing Phase, from a new-born to an infant to a toddler on the run & up to mischief – the little child grows every day and every moment, bit by bit.

Bone marrow transplantation unit

Rainbow Bangalore unit has a comprehensive BMTU. Stem cell transplantation is indicated and conditions like relapse or high-risk leukemia (blood cancer)/solid tumor transfusion-dependent anemia like thalassemia, bone marrow failure syndrome immunodeficiency disorders, and metabolic disorders are addressed. The unit is designed as per the latest technology and recommended norms:

  • HEPA filters, to maintain positive air pressure inside the unit and to filter particles;
  • Pass boxes, to sterilize the items including food which is being taken into the BMTU;
  • Laminar hood, for sterile preparation of medications;
  • RO water for all-purpose use in the BMTU;
  • All these along with one-to-one barrier nursing and round the clock availability of trained doctors ensure a high success rate and very good patient outcome; and
  • In-house blood bank facility.
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