Jatin Mahajan
J Mitra & Co.

Taking Medical Diagnostics Solutions to the Hinterlands

I envision a healthy world! A world that has lesser sufferings due to various health ailments; a world with better quality of life; a world with higher average life expectancy. In the existing scenario of increase in traditional and lifestyle diseases and spiraling medical treatment costs, it is very important to diagnose and detect diseases in the earliest possible stage. Early treatment means lesser suffering, lower cost of treatment and recovery, and better productivity due to a quicker return to a normalized schedule. At J Mitra & Company, our focus is on detection and early mitigation of all diseases and ailments. My father, Lalit Mahajan, saw the sufferings of the people during his formative years. India had just gained independence, and as a nation, we were quite poor and under-developed. This touched a very sensitive chord, and he resolved to play an active part to resolve this situation. This is the sole reason and driving force that J Mitra & Company was formed 50 years back. And he inculcated the same values and principles in us as well.

We have never seen ourselves as businessmen, but as socially conscious result-oriented crusaders. Our endeavor has been on developing newer, faster, cost-effective diagnostics and detection solutions. We are one of the few IVD companies having its own in-house extensive R&D facility, and a very big chunk of our profits from the IVD manufacturing are always ploughed back into R&D facility.

Our corporate journey has been quite eventful, bringing us recognition and accolades. Some of our key milestones have been – in 2019, complete 50 years of service to the nation and launched new product CRP Quanti Card; in 2018, launched iQuant (India’s first portable state-of-the-art Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer – in collaboration with IIT Madras), iQuant procured by the Presidential Estate, Government of India as part of the in-house medical and diagnostic support system; in 2011, launched typhoid antibody test; in 2010, launched dengue NS1 Ag and antibody rapid test kit and chikungunya antibody test kit; in 2007, we launched Lepto IgM & IgG antibody test kit; in 2006, launched 4TH Generation HIV Elisa and rapid test; launched TB antibody test kit in 2005; in 2001, hepatitis-B strip and card tests launched; HCV rapid test HCV Elisa tests launched in 2000; in 1999 HIV W.BLOT test kit officially inaugurated by the then Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee; HIV Elisa test kit launched in 1997; in 1996 HIV TRI-DOT (Rapid Screening test) for AIDS launched in India based on in-house research and development; Monoclonal blood grouping reagents launched in 1987 and in-house R&D unit recognized by DSIR, Ministry of Science Technology.

It is the fruit of this R&D efforts that we are recognized in the in-vitro diagnostics industry globally. We export to more than 45 countries across the world, meeting the most stringent quality standards. This has also resulted in more than 55 patents – the highest in the industry.

For J Mitra, the two key important thoughts that drive innovation are – accessibility and affordability. We research and innovate around economical, newer, and faster diagnostic solutions. And we try to ensure that our products and solutions reach the remotest corners.

Early and effective diagnostics will ensure that overall productivity of the people increases and there is higher quality of life index. This is, and remains, our unflinching vision for the future.

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