Dr Th. Dhabali Singh
Managing Director,
Babina Diagnostics

Ushering In A World-Class Oncology Center In The Northeast

One of the long-cherished dreams of our company has been the promotion of a state-of-the-art oncology center. Our flagship unit, Babina Diagnostics has been a forerunner in the field of medical diagnostics in Northeast India and a leading healthcare brand in this part of the country for the past three decades or so. The advantage of being a leading medical diagnostics service for many years has been our knowledge of the diseases and their prevalence among the people of this region. The average reported cancer incidences in the Northeast is 150-200 cases per 100,000 population as against the national average of 80-110. Most cancer patients have to travel outside the Northeast for treatment and care due to an inadequate number of specialised oncology facilities. Nearly 4 percent of the cancer cases detected in Mumbai’s Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH), are patients from the Northeast. The lack of facilities and the difficult terrain of most parts of the Northeast region are major impediments for the people in getting timely intervention and therapy. This also results in low compliance of treatment.

With a high incidence rate of cancer in the Northeast population, it was only natural that our focus was mainly toward the promotion of a world-class oncology center. The conceptualisation toward this project started about three years back with our own research in the prevalence of this disease and the surging demand for oncology care in the state. Being a border state and virtually a gateway to the Southeast Asian countries, we are in a vantage position to cater our services to patients even across the border, especially from Myanmar. Our project, while focussing on the establishment of a dedicated oncology center will also run a few super-specialties in Imphal tailored to meet the needs of the region. The hospital is being built at Khabeisoi, Imphal East with a total land area of more than 4 acres. It will be in the form of a simulated joint venture with Cancer Treatment Services Private Limited, Hyderabad, more popularly known under its brand name, American Oncology Institute (AOI).

The center will provide the full range of oncology-related services in the area of surgical, medical and radiation oncology. In addition, this hospital will also provide services in oncology-related areas such as medical GI, surgical GI, urology, ENT, pulmonology, etc. American Oncology Institute is a flagship international cancer center of US-based Cancer Treatment Services International (CTSI) that aims to close the gap between standards of care in India and the US. The institute transports all the advantages of the latest cancer treatments from the most advanced countries of the world to the people of India. This means all patients will receive care that is at par with what is available in the western world.

Babina Superspecialty Hospital will provide a built-up space of about 70,000 sq. ft. at its property at Imphal. The hospital will have 8-10 OPDs, 16-bedded day care chemotherapy center, 24-bedded ICU, 66 other inpatients overnight stay beds divided into single, twin-sharing and general ward, 3 OTs, radiation oncology block with one radiation vault, brachytherapy, space for PET CT, endoscopy/bronchoscopy rooms, space for lab and radiology. The building is built in a modular fashion which will ensure adequate space for future expansions of OT blocks, ICU blocks, etc. There will be separate accommodation facilities for outstation patients and their relatives.

The hospital will be positioned as a center of excellence, providing quality care that caters to the primary catchment area of Manipur and its neighboring states and also to patients from Myanmar. This would include a distinct focus on patient-centric services, besides the latest technological solutions both from the medical equipment perspectives and managerial expertise. It will be our company’s endeavor to ensure a clear competitive advantage over facilities in the target area in terms of infrastructure, specialists, and successful treatments. We will strive to achieve the position of the first-choice of patients who till now have been availing of treatment facilities outside the state.

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