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Sheep Blood Agar plates from TM Media (Titan Biotech Ltd.)

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) continue to pose a significant threat to patient safety, leading to increased morbidity and mortality rates worldwide. Operating rooms, due to the high volume of surgical procedures performed and the presence of potential sources of contamination, are particularly vulnerable to the spread of HAIs. Haemolytic organisms such as Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, and Klebsiella pneumoniae are some common microorganisms that cause post-operative infection. To mitigate this risk, meticulous surveillance of hospital environments, especially operating theaters, is paramount. Environmental Monitoring (EM) involves the regular sampling and analysis of surfaces and air within the theater to identify and quantify the presence of bacteria. Recognizing the critical need for proactive EM, TM Media presents their Ready-to-Use Sheep Blood Agar Plates as an indispensable tool for the detection and surveillance of haemolytic bacteria.

Sheep Blood Agar (SBA) Plates provide an ideal substrate for the isolation, identification, and differentiation of diverse microorganisms, enabling healthcare professionals to take targeted interventions and reduce the number of pathogens.

SBA, a nutrient-rich medium, has emerged as a versatile and indispensable tool in clinical laboratories and hospitals for diagnosis and EM. With its unique composition containing 5–10% sheep blood, SBA provides essential nutrients that support the growth of various bacteria, facilitating accurate detection and characterization. The high-quality sheep blood acts as a rich source of nutrients, promoting robust growth and facilitating the detection of diverse microbial species. This specificity is essential for accurate surveillance of hospital environments, where various opportunistic pathogens can proliferate. Additionally, SBA enables the differentiation of bacterial species based on their haemolytic patterns, allowing for the identification of pathogenic organisms.

TM Media’s Ready-to-Use SBA Plates revolutionize laboratory workflows with their pre-prepared nature, eliminating the time-consuming process of media preparation. Quality control is of utmost importance in microbiology, and our plates are designed to meet the highest standards. The plates undergo rigorous manufacturing processes, ensuring a uniform composition and appropriate pH levels. This consistency guarantees accurate and reproducible results, minimizing the chances of errors and false interpretations.

Ready-to-Use Plates are highly cost-effective by eliminating the need for media preparation equipment; laboratories and hospitals can reduce capital expenditures and maintenance costs; and healthcare professionals can focus their efforts on analysis, significantly improving productivity and expediting diagnosis. Additionally, the standardized composition and extended shelf life eliminate waste, ensuring optimum utilization and further contributing to cost savings over time. Furthermore, our SBA Plates are sterilized by γ- irradiation and triple-packed to reduce the risk of contamination, and they are manufactured in accordance with USP/EP/JP/IP. This makes our SBA Plates a wise investment for healthcare facilities seeking to optimize resources without compromising quality.

In the pursuit of excellence in infection prevention and control, our commitment to quality and innovation sets us apart as a trusted provider in the field. Titan Biotech Ltd.’s TM Media division stands tall as a global vanguard with a presence across 92 countries in the realm of microbiology products. Bolstered by three decades of profound expertise, we unswervingly deliver top-tier solutions to the pharmaceutical and diagnostic sectors. Boasting an extensive repertoire of over 2000 Dehydrated Culture Media, we also offer an unparalleled range of RTU Culture Media, Biological Media Bases, and Laboratory Chemicals, among others. With certificates like ISO 13485:2016 and GMP, our unwavering commitment to excellence has been proven. By partnering with us, laboratories and hospitals can elevate their environmental monitoring practices, reinforce patient safety, and contribute to a healthier future for all.

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