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Sooner Or Late Health Insurance Would Be Becoming Mandatory In India

The latest report by NITI Aayog was recently released. The Vice-Chairman of the firm was present at the time of release, as well as, co-chairman of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It was stated by the advisor of NITI Aayog ‘Alok Kumar’ that the report has plans of preparing the road-map for building a healthcare system in the medium-to-longer-term for those people who belong to the poor of middle-class families and now the plan is being taken care of by the help of Ayushman Bharat since those who are at the top have the while those in the top have the sources for bearing their medical exigencies.

Kumar passed a statement saying that almost 50 percent of the populations are not covered under any public healthcare system still and the main idea is pooling the risk assets that would then cater to the needs of the middle-class families regarding healthcare. He further said that people who fall under the category of the middle class would not hesitate if they have to pay nominal two-hundred or three-hundred towards the development of a good public healthcare system in the country and the idea looks feasible to be implanted.

It was stated by Bill Gates that the future of India is very bright due to its young population, and underscored that the human capital of any country constitutes of its educational, as well as, nutritional investment and healthcare for its citizens.

The vice-chairman of NITI Aayog, Rajiv Kamar passed a statement saying that their vision for a healthy India, as well as, supreme health for all everyone has a requirement of them to transform the delivery of health care services holistically in public, as well as, the private sectors across every level of care.-Industry Global News 24

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