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State’s Emergency Care Unit Project to Start with Sassoon

The state medical education department has decided to come up with independent unit for treating patients in want of emergency medical care and treatment at government medical colleges (GMCs). The formulation comes in the light of workings of the present system, wherein a patient in need of emergency services, has to make round of various departments within the hospital for screening tests, medication and admission etc. The newly proposed emergency medical service (EMS) unit will undo this occurrence. These facilities will be well-equipped with workforce and machinery under one roof. It will be started on pilot basis in five cities — Pune, Mumbai, Dhule, Nagpur and Aurangabad — where the state government hospitals are attached to medical colleges. In Pune, the unit will be started at the Sassoon hospital.

Girish Mahajan, state medical education minister, said, “The EMS will have separate wards dedicated to handle emergency cases with separate intensive care units (ICU) and distinct diagnostic facilities in one place. This EMS will take care of the patients who need immediate attention. Initially, it will be run on pilot basis in these five cities. If we succeed in the trial, then it will be extended to other cities.” Mahajan added that as many as 540 medical officers from public health department will be deputed to the state medical education department. This team of doctors will be employed at the centers and will be designated with different tasks that come with the facility.

Dr Ajay Chandanwale, dean of BJ Medical College, confirmed to the fact that they will indeed be starting the EMS at the new building. Their new casualty ward is already built and ready. “Once this casualty becomes functional, we are going to write to the state government for the funds and manpower. The facility of CT scan, radiology, ultra-sonography and other screening and diagnostics tests will be available at the EMS only. This will prevent wastage of time for patients and the kin,” he said. He added that around 80-100 patients in need of emergency care visit the hospital daily. These are the cases that result from accidents, burns, head traumas, poisoning, ischemic heart diseases and so on. “These patients will be benefited at large due to the services offered through the EMS at the hospital and they will get immediate treatment at the center,” Chandanwale said. – Pune Mirror