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Super-Specialty Cadre in Health Services Soon

With the government holding final round of discussions with representatives of Kerala Government Medical Officers Association (KGMOA) on special rules, decks have now been cleared for setting up super specialty cadre in state health services. KGMOA representatives said the special rules would pave the way for creating more posts of consultants, senior consultants and chief consultants in cardiology, neurology, neuro surgery and urology in district hospitals having super specialty facilities. At the moment there are specialists in neurology, cardiology, urology, plastic surgery in some of health department hospitals. Considering the increasing incidence of life style diseases among the population, priority will be for cardiologists especially in major hospitals having Cath lab facilities like Palakkad and Ernakulam general hospital. By introducing such facilities in the district and general hospitals, the department hopes to provide super specialty services to people outside medical college hospitals. At the moment even routine cases of chest pain, palpitation, irregular heart beat and high blood pressure coming to district and general hospitals are referred to medical colleges after preliminary investigations including ECG, BP and blood tests adding to patient load at the medical colleges.

The state government had set aside ₹69 crore in this year’s budget for setting up Cath labs, ICU, dialysis unit, emergency care centers and super specialty facilities in important hospitals. “In the event of a person experiencing a cardiac problem after 1 pm in any town or city in the state, he might find it difficult to get specialists for consultation. Most private hospitals too do not have consultation in the afternoon or night. The need of the hour is to have a 24/7 super specialty for cardiology and other emergencies in main general hospitals and district hospitals to provide immediate medical aid and in some cases,  lifesaving assistance to people,” said a doctor. In the post private practice ban in medical colleges, doctors especially professors, associate and additional professors are not available for consultation after the regular hospital timings. The government should also explore the possibility of starting evening counters in some of the major health department institutions. – Deccan Chronicle