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Sysmex launches the UF-1500 fully automated urine particle analyzer

Sysmex Corporation launches the UF-1500 Fully Automated Urine Particle Analyzer (UF-1500), a new product for use in urine sediment testing. The UF-1500 inherits the high levels of functionality and usability of the UF-5000 Fully Automated Urine Particle Analyzer (UF-5000),1 our flagship model in urine sediment testing, while achieving a downsizing of the former model. By expanding the product lineup, we will deliver a wider range of solutions tailored to the customer’s environment and contribute to the streamlining and standardization of urine testing at small and medium-sized facilities.

Urine testing (urinalysis) can be divided into urine chemistry, performed as the primary test employing urine test strips, and urine sediment testing, performed as the secondary test to more closely analyze samples found to be abnormal in urine chemistry. Urine sediment testing is an important test used to diagnose renal and urinary tract disorders. This test is conducted by classifying and measuring particles formed in urine, such as red blood cells, white blood cells, and bacteria.

Urine particles have conventionally been classified and measured in urineary sediment testing based on visual inspection using a microscope (microscopy). In response to the growing need for streamlining laboratory work and standardizing testing operations, recent years have seen an increasing trend to shift to fully automated testing systems. Under these circumstances, small and medium-sized facilities, and clinics, among others, have a growing need for automating their urine sediment testing, using compact and reasonably priced testing systems with high levels of performance and ease of use.

Since 1995, when Sysmex became the first in the world to commercialize automated quantitative analysis of urineary particles using the flow cytometry method, we have made a significant contribution to streamlining and standardizing urine sediment testing. In 2015, we launched the UF-5000, which we have since promoted globally as our flagship model in urine sediment testing. It features dramatically higher levels of measurement precision and differentiation2 than those of our existing products, and enhanced connectivity with multiple units of transportation systems at large facilities as well as with urine chemistry analyzers.

The new UF-1500 maintains the high levels of functionality, usability, and other technical advantages of our flagship UF-5000, while achieving great reductions in footprint (by approx. 30%3). It also supports connectivity with transportation systems for urine chemistry analyzers, meeting a variety of customer needs, including demand from small and medium-sized facilities in developed countries and emerging countries, as well as demand for backup systems from large facilities that have previously installed the UF-5000 or other models.

As an industry frontrunner, Sysmex will continue to proactively utilize advanced technologies and engage in research and development in order to provide new value to customers.
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