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Thiruvananthapuram Medical College is Killing the Queue with Technology

The Medical College hospital (MCH) in Thiruvananthapuram, one of the prominent healthcare institutions in the state attracting thousands every day, has undergone a series of changes in a bid to present itself as patient-friendly with special emphasis on technology. The oldest medical college in the state, it was established in 1951 and was dedicated to the nation by Jawaharlal Nehru. Here are ten things to know about the up-gradation at the hospital:

  • The process to improve facilities at MCH kick started under the government’s Aardram mission which aims to introduce a variety of technologies that will strengthen patient infrastructure at hospitals and make them easier to consult doctors.
  • An advanced virtual queue management system has been established through which patients at Akshaya centers, through computers and taluk hospitals can take appointments of doctors at a specific time and date.
  • Instead of waiting for hours at the hospital, patients can now get virtual tokens and just arrive at the hospital at the time of their appointment. “This will eliminate extra crowds at the hospital during those hours,” deputy superintendent Dr Joby John said.
  • SMS messages will be sent to the patient reminding them of their doctor appointments.
  • Through the e-health system, doctors at MCH can also avail a patient’s medical information via Aadhaar. This will help multiple doctors seeing the same patient access his/her medical history resulting in a fruitful exchange of information.
  • Doctors will soon be able to record their prescriptions digitally on their computer systems which will help them better treat their patients when the latter come for the next appointment. Officials at the pharmacy can also access these records helping in better delivery of medicines.
  • For the past one month, the entire OP block of the MCH barring a floor has been colour-coded for the benefit of patients. “The OP at MCH is vast and many a time, patients find it difficult to find the right OP and the doctor they wish to consult. We have set up LED systems on each floor guiding patients to the right blocks,” Dr Jose said. LED lights in blue, orange, green and red have been set up for each department of the OP.
  • There are wall paintings along with normal signboards as part of patient-friendly measures to identify key departments.
  • The health ministry under the Aardram mission has also installed more chairs and vending machines for drinking water for patients.

Close to 8000 people avail the outpatient (OP) facilities at MCH every day. An additional 1000 patients are admitted to the casualty ward as well. – Indian Express