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Torus Health collaborates with PharmEasy to offer healthcare discounts

Torus Health has collaborated with PharmEasy to revolutionise the healthcare industry in India by offering a range of unparalleled services. This collaboration between Torus Health and PharmEasy will create a one-stop solution for customers by improving accessibility, affordability and convenience. It will offer a first-of-its-kind solution in India that allows users to easily compare discounts and delivery times across multiple leading pharmacies, including 1mg and Apollo. This innovative platform will empower consumers to make informed decisions about their healthcare purchases, ensuring they get the best deals and fastest delivery times available. With Torus, finding the best prices and delivery options for your medicines has never been easier.

Top healthcare brands on one platform: At the moment, Torus Health has collaborated with Tata 1mg, Apollo Hospitals and PharmEasy which will allow customers to have direct access to three of the most important healthcare brands in India. Torus Health has managed to consolidate these three mega-brands under one platform, Hey Torus, a super application, which will become every customer’s go-to platform for healthcare, medicine and prescription needs.

Addition of diagnostics and lab tests: The collaboration between Torus Health and PharmEasy is all set to introduce lab tests and diagnostics services on Hey Torus. These tests are offered by Thryocare, the biggest healthcare diagnostic provider in India, which is a brand of PharmEasy. This collaboration adds an extra dimension to the Torus Health platform which will make the customer experience all the more seamless.

One-stop solution for all pharmacy needs: With Torus Health’s collaboration with PharmEasy, Tata 1mg and Apollo, customers can now choose any seller on one platform. Now, customers have the ease of accessing a wide range of healthcare products and medicine services without having to depend on multiple platforms for the same. At the moment, Torus Health is the only platform in India that has successfully managed to collaborate with the major healthcare giants in India.

Increased reachability/Quick Delivery: PharmEasy promises quick delivery to the maximum number of pin codes in India, hence increasing reachability and accessibility. This added to the 2-hour delivery offered via the Apollo tie-up gives the Torus Health platform users an added advantage.

Strategic growth: Torus Health has strategically expanded its presence in India by providing customers with a seamless experience, swift delivery and attractive discounts. It has adopted a very successful model by collaborating with two big players, PharmEasy and Tata 1mg, which will allow customers to choose from the vast discounts offered by both these healthcare giants. Torus Health is the first platform in India to allow users to compare medicine discounts online using PharmEasy and Tata 1mg.

“This strategic collaboration between Torus Health and PharmEasy, as well as the collaboration between Torus Health with Apollo and Tata 1mg, is a landmark move in the healthcare industry. By creating an accessible, seamless and one-stop solution platform, Torus Health is changing the concept of healthcare services in India,” said a spokesperson from Torus Health.

Speaking about the tie-up with Torus Health, Akash Valia, Vice President of Pharmeasy, said, “We are happy to collaborate with Torus Health to bring unmatched discounts and quick delivery options to customers across India. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our mission to provide accessible and affordable healthcare solutions to all.”

This collaboration between Torus Health and PharmEasy will be effective in providing good services to customers at the right prices efficiently.
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