Total laboratory automation solution that sets new standard for turnaround time

Beckman Coulter has recently announced that the latest addition to its market-leading automation portfolio, the DxA 5000 total laboratory automation solution has achieved European CE mark and China Food and Drug Administration approval. Laboratories are highly focused on enhancing patient care by driving faster turnaround time, delivering quality results and improving laboratory operations. The DxA 5000 helps laboratories meet these challenges through a collection of patented innovations that deliver rapid and consistent turnaround time, provide a new level of comprehensive pre-analytical sample quality detection, and reduce the number of manual processing steps to significantly improve laboratory efficiency.

Additionally, the DxA 5000 supports laboratories in delivering highly consistent turnaround time to their physicians. Leveraging first-of-its-kind dynamic system software, the DxA 5000 utilizes intelligent routing to bring automated patient-centric workflow to the laboratory. By understanding the tests requested, sample volume available, and real-time analyzer capacity and status, the DxA 5000 continuously calculates the most expeditious route for every patient sample – both STAT and routine.

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