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Trauma Center in Khammam Hospital to be Open by Month-End

In what could be termed as good news for people of north Telangana, especially for those residing in Khammam and its surrounding areas, the trauma care center at the Khammam government hospital is set to be open soon. If everything goes well, the trauma center for treating victims of road accidents and patients of other exigencies would be opened by the end of this month. Until now, the victims grievously injured in road accidents and those suffering heart attacks were referred to Hyderabad for better medical care. Further, there used to be delay in proper medical care reaching the patients in need due to the poor economic conditions of patients families. Now the establishment of trauma care center in Khammam would not only save time but also cut in expenses. The center will have doctors specialised to treat severe nerve and facial injuries caused in road accidents, besides those treating other emergency cases. Of the estimated Rs 20 crore sanctioned by the State government, 6 crore has already been spent for the construction of the building, while the remaining Rs 14 crore to be spent on purchasing advanced medical equipment.

Officials said they were planning to build a hospital which would become a model hospital in the State after NIMS in Hyderabad. In this regard, a medical team from Khammam visited hospitals in various places all over the country to help design a hospital that can provide all the facilities that a trauma care center provides. Khammam district hospital Superintendent B Venkateswarlu said, “The trauma care center will be divided into several zones to separate patients based on severity of their condition and treat them effectively. The center will have a capacity of 100 beds with doctors from various branches like neurosurgery, orthopedics, cardiology, urology, general Surgery and general medicine available round-the-clock to treat the patients.” Khammam DM&HO Kalavathi said, “It’s very fortunate to see Khammam get a trauma care center of its own. This will save many lives as patients who are need of immediate care need not travel to Hyderabad risking their lives to get medical care.” – The Hans India

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